Evolution of Healthcare Priorities – Announcing the 2022 HCEG Top 10

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One word has changed our healthcare world: COVID! The pandemic has undeniably impacted the priorities that healthcare executives are focusing on in 2022 and beyond. Over the past two years, the pandemic has exposed gaps and flaws in the healthcare delivery system and emphasized the case for change across nearly all aspects of healthcare.  Unsurprisingly, the newly released 2022 HCEG Top 10 reflects a mix of historical core priorities, some priorities identified shortly after the pandemic began in early 2020, and the evolution of healthcare priorities making their business impact clear and superseding past challenges, issues, and opportunities.

The 2022 HCEG Top 10 was developed using the input of 134 members of the HCEG Network and a review of almost 600 items culled from 80+ lists of healthcare predictions for 2022. See Overview of Developing the 2022 HCEG Top 10 for additional information.

Foundational Healthcare Priorities Unfettered by COVID Pandemic

Year Over Year - HCEG Top 10 Rankings - 2011 to 2022

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Several priorities have been on more than a few HCEG Top 10 lists over the last decade including Cost & Transparency, Consumer-Centered Healthcare, Interoperability, Data & Analytics, and Healthcare Policy.   We have seen price transparency mandate deadlines and other regulations pushed out while other areas lagging widespread adoption like telehealth and home care exploding.

Additionally, Privacy & Security – a long-running focus area of the HCEG Top 10 – dropped off the latest list ranking in 11th place.

Healthcare Priorities Identified Early in Pandemic Retain Their Importance

The last two years also brought some issues into focus that did not make the HCEG Top 10 list in previous years. During the pandemic, HCEG Network participants identified a number of significant business impacts brought about by the pandemic. Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), Public/Population Health, Accessible Points of Care, and the need for urgent and radical delivery system transformation were identified in both a special COVID Flash Survey performed in July of 2020 and via input collected from HCEG Network members throughout 2021.

Focus Areas Rising in Importance for Healthcare Leaders

After two full years operating under the pandemic and with a new presidential administration in place throughout 2021, the leadership, talent, and working environment needed to address healthcare’s priorities have become a priority in and of itself. And the need to select, create and implement new “value-creating technologies” to effect a more integrated, comprehensive, informed, and engaged care delivery system has never been more urgent and important.

Vu Jà Dé – You’ve Never Seen a Healthcare Environment Like This and Neither Has Anyone Else

We live in a complex healthcare environment that none of us have ever experienced before. And we are living on a short, but critical timeline, for the transformation – or the destruction – of the healthcare system as we have known for decades.  This transformation requires a new business model – one of collaboration and compromise among many stakeholders – that must be realized at an unprecedented pace. As Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park wrote: “Too much change is as destructive as too little. Only at the edge of chaos can complex systems flourish.”

Join Healthcare Leaders – 6 Ways to Engage Throughout the Year

A key part of HCEG’s mission is providing and facilitating information about specific initiatives, programs, approaches, technologies, functions, and applications associated with each 2022 HCEG Top 10 focus area. Opportunities to network with and learn from others – both virtually and hopefully in-person – are under development. HCEG is currently working with members, sponsors, and partner organizations on co-organized, supportive programming and events.  Here are a few ways you can join us and other healthcare professionals:

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HCEG is always looking for information, insight, and ideas regarding the challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare leaders.

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4. Participate in Focus Area Roundtables

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5. Join the HealthCare Executive Group

We all look forward to the day when we can take some of the priorities listed on the HCEG Top 10 off our annual list of focus areas because we have addressed them, and they are no longer a critical issue. Until then, now is the time to be a positive force in addressing these priorities.

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