HCEG Top 10

Karen DeSalvo – Chief Health Officer at Google & Former Director of
Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
speaks at HCEG’s 2018 Annual Forum in Nashville, TN

The HCEG Top 10

The HCEG Top 10 has been a pillar of the Healthcare Executive Group for over 14 years, providing extensive insight into the primary opportunities, challenges, and issues currently facing healthcare executives in the United States. In addition to helping frame HCEG’s content development and networking events throughout the year, the HCEG Top 10 serves as the basis for the Industry Pulse, a nationwide research survey that explores specific focus areas on the HCEG Top 10. Learn more about the 11th Annual Industry Pulse here.

2022 HCEG Top 10

In late December 2021 and early January 2022, over 130 senior-level executives from health plans, health systems, care providers, and technology partner organizations voted on the top 10 critical focus areas impacting their organizations in the coming year.

Members of the HCEG Network were presented with a list of 21 focus areas compiled from annual member input, events held throughout 2021, previous HCEG Top 10 lists, and industry research. These senior healthcare leaders then selected and ranked ten items representing priorities for 2022. This multi-step, month-long process resulted in the HCEG Top 10 priorities for 2022.

See detailed descriptions for the following 2022 HCEG Top 10 focus areas here.

2022 HCEG Top 10 List

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