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Healthcare Leaders & Change Makers at the 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

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The 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition is two weeks away and the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) is looking forward to attending, presenting, and exhibiting at this granddaddy of all health IT conferences. In addition to supporting members, sponsors and partners, HCEG is also a HIMSS20 Collaborator. If you’re attending the conference and haven’t already registered, be sure to use the H20Collab discount code to save on your registration here.

This post shares some information on the 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition and highlights some HIMSS Conference information related to HCEG, the HCEG Top 10, and our members and sponsors.

2020 HCEG Top 10 at HIMSS20

It’s no surprise that the session tracks at the 2020 HIMSS Conference are grouped into primary categories that largely align with the items on the 2020 HCEG Top 10. Search for sessions based on a range of filtering options here. Click on the “HIMSS Track by Topic” below to see a list of all HIMSS sessions for that specific track.

HIMSS20 Tracks by Topic: 2020 HCEG Top 10 Item
Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 4-Data & Analytics
Biomedical Informatics or Healthcare Informatics 6-Holistic Individual Health
Consumerization and Patient Experience 2-Consumer Experience
Cybersecurity, Privacy, or Security 10-Privacy & Security
Data and Analytics 4-Data & Analytics
Health Information Exchange or Interoperability 5-Interoperability/Consumer Data Access
Healthcare Applications & Technologies ** All HCEG Top 10 items **
Innovation, Entrepreneurship or Venture Investment 3-Delivery System Transformation
Leadership, Governance, or Strategy 9-Healthcare Policy
Organizational Change Management
Personalized Health or Genomics 6-Holistic Individual Health
Population Health or Public Health 4-Data & Analytics
Professional & Workforce Development
Quality Improvement Model Practices
Telehealth 8-Accessible Points of Care
User Experience (UX), Usability, or User-Centered Design 2-Consumer Experience
Value-Based Care Models 7-Next Generation Payment Models

HCEG Sponsors Exhibiting at 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

Several of our sponsors – Change Healthcare, Surescripts, & Zipari – are exhibiting at the HIMSS Conference. If you’re looking to learn more about any of the following product categories, be sure to visit our sponsor’s booth exhibit. HCEG. Healthcare Executive Group. 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. HIMSS20. Digital Health


Product Categories HCEG Sponsor
Analytics Change Healthcare, Zipari
Artificial Intelligence Change Healthcare
Blockchain Change Healthcare
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Change Healthcare
Clinical Decision Support Change Healthcare
Consulting Change Healthcare
Consumer/Connected Health Solutions Surescripts, Zipari
Content Providers Surescripts
Enterprise Image Management Change Healthcare
Financial Management Change Healthcare
Health Information Management Surescripts
Interoperability/HIE/Integration Tools Change Healthcare, Surescripts
Network Solutions Surescripts
Payers/Health Plans Surescripts, Zipari
Privacy & Security Change Healthcare
Revenue Cycle Management Change Healthcare
SaaS (Software as a Service) Zipari

Search for exhibitors of a specific product category here.

Sponsor Presentations at 2020 HIMSS Conference

Our sponsor Change Healthcare is an Anchor Exhibitor at the 2020 HIMSS Conference and, in addition to sharing insight on their products and services, will be presenting sessions at their Booth #6759. See a list of in-booth presentations here.

Payer and Provider Perspectives: Healthcare Trends for 2020

Our Executive Director, Ferris Taylor, will be presenting “Payer and Provider Perspectives: Healthcare Trends for 2020” on Wednesday, March 11th at 4:15 pm at Change Healthcare’s booth #6759. Ferris will share information on the HCEG Top 10 and the recently released 2020 Industry Pulse Report.

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Surescripts Network Alliance at HIMSS20

Sponsor partner Surescripts will be participating in various presentations at the HIMSS20 conference and will be hosting a cocktail reception in their booth #2030 on Tuesday, March 10th at 5:00 pm. More info here.

Poster Presentations

One of the lesser-known sources of information at the 2020 HIMSS Conference is the various poster presentations. Be sure to check out these posters on your way to or from other sessions and events.

Networking Areas

Beyond the sessions and exhibits, the HIMSS Conference is about networking – making new connections and rekindling existing relationships. To support conference attendee networking opportunities, there are numerous networking opportunities available to HIMSS attendees including dedicated Networking Areas.

Of particular convenience are the following areas where you can meet with others – typically outside the hustle and noise of the main concourses and exhibit hall. These areas are open during conference hours as noted. Access semi-private working areas, recharge your device, network with peers and relax in the Networking Hub.

Executive Lounge – Room W309

  • Monday, March 9 – Friday, March 13 | Open during conference hoursHCEG. Healthcare Executive Group. 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. HIMSS20. Digital Health. Zipari. Surescripts. Change Healthcare.

HIMSS Spot – Lobby C

  • Tuesday, March 10 – Friday, March 13

Living Room – Room W205A

  • Monday, March 9 – Wednesday, March 11 | 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Thursday, March 12 | 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Friday, March 13 | 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

Networking Hubs

  • Level 1, Lobby B
  • Level 2, Lobby E
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Networking Opportunities

In addition to areas for quiet reflection (relatively quiet), the 2020 HIMSS Conference offers a number of networking events.

Additional Information on the 2020 HIMSS Conference

Connect with HealthCare Executive Group at HIMSS and Year Round

The 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition offers a tremendous opportunity for healthcare leaders and change-makers to learn about the challenges, issues, and opportunities demanding change and innovation from all stakeholders – particularly within the U. S. healthcare system.

Consider the following if you’d like to learn more about the healthcare delivery system transformation and connect with other healthcare leaders and changemakers.

HCEG. HealthCare Executive Group. Annual Forum, events, thought-leadership, personal development opportunities. HIMSS 2020 Collaboration Partner. AHIP Educational Partner

The HealthCare Executive Group: Supporting & Convening Leaders & Change Makers in 2020 & Beyond

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Over 30 years ago, C-suite leaders of healthcare organizations came together to form the Managed Care Executive Group (MCEG) – a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help its members solve their problems with input and advice from other group members. And 60 years before MCEG was born, Napoleon Hill – author of the popular book Think and Grow Rich – shared the idea of Mastermind Group. In 2014, the Managed Care Executive Group rebranded as the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) and continued its mission as a Mastermind Group for healthcare executives.

More Than a Conference Organizer, Media Outlet, or Online Networking Group

In its essence, the HealthCare Executive Group is a Mastermind group comprised of senior healthcare executives and industry leaders focused on transforming the healthcare system. HCEG is not purely a conference organizer, a media/content producer, or promoter of online events but rather an organization chartered to convene and support executive leaders of health plans, health systems, and provider organizations – throughout the year – in their mission to affect true change in our failing healthcare system.

The majority of HealthCare Executive Group members are senior executives associated with health plans, health systems, and risk-bearing provider groups. Memberships at the individual and company levels are available each providing various levels of benefits including discounted to complimentary access to our Annual Forum, events, thought-leadership, and personal development opportunities.

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Partnering to Enhance Collaboration, Content and Networking Opportunities

HCEG has established both formal and informal partnerships with complementary organizations that also serve our members and other healthcare industry participants associates. These partnerships extend and complement the content, networking opportunities, and value offered by HCEG and its partners. For 2020, these partnerships include:

HIMSS 2020 Collaboration Partner

HCEG is a Collaboration Partner with the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) at their 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition on March 9–13, 2020 in Orlando, FL. We’ll be hosting a “Breakfast Meet and Greet” on Wednesday, March 11th at 7:15 am.

AHIP Educational Partner

Last year, HCEG became an Educational Partner of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). HCEG members Ian K. Gordon and Ferris Taylor joined Dr. Esteban Lopez in presenting “What Should Be Keeping Health Care Executives up at Night?” For 2020, the HealthCare Executive Group will be hosting an Executive Leadership Roundtable at AHIP’s Institute & Expo 2020 in Miami, FL this coming June.

Other Partnerships for Healthcare Executives & Change Makers

As in previous years, HCEG has partnered with other organizations to present information, insight, and ideas for healthcare delivery system transformation.  These partnerships are outlined in this post titled “Healthcare Innovation & Transformation – Looking Back at 2019 & Forward Through 2020.HCEG. HealthCare Executive Group. Annual Forum, events, thought-leadership, personal development opportunities. HIMSS 2020 Collaboration Partner. AHIP Educational Partner

Testimonies from HCEG Members

 “The conference is a great conference for the level of executives and people that you have in the room talking about issues. There’s not a lot of primers at this conference which is nice. You’ve got people who are ready to dig deep on issues and can have executive-level conversations pretty quickly. And yesterday, I identified three or four potential partnerships between our organizations and how we can work to solve some of these issues together.”  – Ricardo Johnson, Senior Director Healthworx at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

“I think they nailed the 2020 Top 10 list (of challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare leadership.) I mean it, really every item on there would have been in the top of my list as well. I think that this group of people has really identified the top issues in the industry and gathered folks who are uniquely qualified to speak to them.” – Sara Stevens, VP of Healthcare Economics & Analytics Ops at Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan

“I think the word is it’s (HCEG’s Annual Forum) still intimate by design. We like to keep it roughly a hundred or so people. The last thing we wanted to be is a giant circus of people who don’t have the chance to share information and have an intimate discussion – so that’s by design.” – Richard Lungen, Managing Member at Leverage Health

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Supportive, Consultative Sponsor Partners

A limited number of healthcare industry product and service vendors serve as sponsor partners to underwrite and assist with HCEG’s events, programming, and content. HCEG’s sponsor partners play a role unlike many vendors who sponsor other healthcare events. Rather than dominating speaker positions, exhibiting products in a booth, or littering HCEG’s physical and digital channels with sales messages, HCEG requires its sponsor partners to serve in a supportive, consultative role on a year-round basis.

Sponsor Partners of HCEG contribute to ongoing educational initiatives and benefit from increased visibility through our year-round thought leadership opportunities via:

  • Development of the HCEG Top 10
  • The HCEG Webinar Series
  • HCEG Executive Leadership Roundtables
  • Regional Networking Events
  • Online Discussions and Virtual Panels
  • HCEG Annual Forum
  • HCEG Original Content
  • HCEG Committees and Board of Directors

See this overview of HCEG sponsor partners and sponsorship of the HealthCare Executive Group.

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Connect with Healthcare Industry Executives, Leaders, Innovators & Change-Makers

Stay connected healthcare industry leaders, innovators, and change-makers in 2020 by subscribing to our eNewsletter. And consider becoming a member of the HealthCare Executive Group.

HealthCare Executive Group & Sponsor Partners at the 2019 HIMSS Conference

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The 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition kicks off this coming Sunday in Orlando, FL and runs through Friday, February 15th. 45,000+ professionals from 90+ countries, 1300+ exhibitors, 300+ education sessions spanning 24 topics and 100’s of special programs and networking events will converge to offer comprehensive insight into the current state of the healthcare industry. In addition to many of our members and sponsor partners in attendance, board members of the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) and a couple support staff will be gathering content of interest to share, networking and supporting our sponsor partners.

Items on the 2019 HCEG’s Top 10 List Dominate

Not long after last year’s HIMSS Conference came to an end, industry thought leaders, prominent analysts, and media outfits covering the digital healthcare space started predicting the major themes and top trends expected to dominate this year’s HIMSS conference.  These themes and trends include…HCEG Top 10. Industry Pulse Survey. Challenges, issues, opportunities healthcare industry. Data & Analytics, Total Consumer Health, Population Health Services, Value-based Payments, The Digital Healthcare Organization, Rising Pharmacy Costs, External Market Disruption, Operational Effectiveness, Opioid Management

Not surprisingly, these major themes closely align with the challenges, issues, and opportunities ranked by HCEG’s members in the 2019 HCEG Top 10 list:

Learn more about themes and trends addressed at the HIMSS Conference in this 2019 Healthcare Trends Forecast.

HCEG Members & Sponsor Partners at the 2019 HIMSS Conference

If you’re at the HIMSS Conference, be sure to check out our sponsor partners exhibits, sessions and the special events they’re hosting. Here are those we know about at this time.


Visit Booth 6543 to learn about Appian’s leading platform for low-code enterprise development. Appian will be providing live demos of their platform HCEG Healthcare Executive Group. Appian. Enterprise low-code. industry-leading intelligent automation. Digital Transformation Patient, member, and provider data. healthcare payers and providers innovation, consumers, healthon Tuesday, February 12th at 11:30 am – addressing topics such as Clinical Trials Intake, Clinician Onboarding and Credentialing, Home Health Manager, Provider Payment Reconciliation, Utilization Management, and more!

Be sure to Refresh and Rejuvenate Yourself – and your phone – as Appian will be offering complimentary healthy smoothies throughout booth hours each day, along with a relaxing device charging station area for you to take a break. And while you’re at the Appian booth, be sure to have your badge scanned for a chance to win a Vitamix to create your own smoothies at home or an Apple Watch Nike Plus Series 4 to track your healthy habits.

For more information and to schedule a meeting with Appian at HIMSS, contact Appian

SurescriptsSurescripts. HCEG Healthcare Executive Group. Health plan health system payments pharmaceutical pharmacy member engagement

Visit Booth 6158 to learn about the offerings of our newest sponsor partner Surescripts. Surescripts will also be sharing information on their products and services in Booth’s 9100-44 and VHQ8659

On Wednesday, February 13th at 8:30-9: 30 am, Tom Skelton, Surescripts CEO will participate in an event titled “Transparency in Prescription Drug Costs to Help Patients Save Money.” Attendees can participate in this event in room W304A. It will also be one of this year’s live-streamed events.

Click here for more information on Surescripts at HIMSS – and click here to schedule a meeting with Surescripts at HIMSS.

Change Healthcare

Visit Booth 3679 to meet with Change Healthcare to learn about their wide range of products and services.HCEG Healthcare Executive Group. Change Healthcare consulting. value-based healthcare system. healthcare technology company. software, analytics, network solutions, and technology-enabled services.

On Wednesday, February 13th at 12:30-1:30pm, Change Healthcare hosts a Blockchain in Healthcare Luncheon where like-minded health information and technology professionals can better understand and share their experiences with blockchain technology. This event takes place in Room W110A and separate registration is required.

For more information, contact Change Healthcare

InstamedHCEG Healthcare Executive Group. InstaMed healthcare payments experience. Consumers, providers and payers. payment transaction. private cloud-based technology electronic transactions

Visit Booth 1987 to learn more about InstaMed’s healthcare payments products and services.

For more information, contact Instamed

ZipariZipari. HCEG Healthcare Executive Group. Health plan claims payment administration systems platforms. Digital health solutions. Customer Relationship Management CRM

Visit Booth 5483 to learn more about how Zipari’s has pioneered consumer experience technology exclusively for health carriers.

For more information, contact Zipari

Other HCEG Sponsors & Partners at 2019 HIMSS Conference

In addition to the above, our other sponsors and partners will be represented at the 2019 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in some capacity. Check out their leading healthcare products/services and reach out to them for more information.

Solera Health Network. HCEG Healthcare Executive Group. Network partners preventing and managing chronic disease. Health plans, payers securely efficiently network of community-based digital health solutions. Diabetes. HealthEdge. HCEG Healthcare Executive Group. Health plan claims payment administration systems platforms. Digital health solutions. HCEG Healthcare Executive Group. RedCard health plans TPAs secure data communication members providers.
Contact Solera Contact HealthEdge Contact Redcard
HCEG Healthcare Executive Group. Softheon. cloud-based solutions. retail-like, user-friendly experience. personalized communication. Real-time support member engagement. enrollment, member billing, ACA. Direct Enrollment EQ Health Solutions. HCEG Healthcare Executive Group. Health plan claims payment administration systems platforms. Digital health solutions. Customer Relationship Management CRM
Contact Softheon Contact EQHealth

Resources to Help Conquer the 2019 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

Live-Streamed Sessions

This year, HIMSS will be live-streaming a number of sessions. Whether you’re attending or not, consider checking out these live-streamed sessions.

Vendor/Exhibitor Search

Learn more about the companies exhibiting at the conference here. Also, HIMSS has a comprehensive list of all the vendor/exhibitor categories and subcategories to help you refine your list of must-see vendors and exhibitors.

Popular Hashtags at the 2019 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

Whether you’re attending the 2019 HIMSS Conference or not, you can stay connected with the popular themes and topics – and general HIMSS19 subject by using the following hashtags:

#HIMSS19 = The official hashtag for the 2019 HIMSS Conference

#Analytics, #BigData, #AI, #artificialintelligence#machinelearning

#PatientEngagement, #DigitalHealth, & #healthtech


HIMSS has also defined some HIMSS and conference-specific has tags in The Official #HIMSS19 Hashtag Guide

Special ‘HIMSS19-edition’ eNewsletter

Keep your eyes peeled for more information, insight, and ideas that HCEG members, sponsor partners, and advisors will be gathering from Orlando this coming week. A special ‘HIMSS19-edition’ eNewsletter will be shared later next week including major takeaways, insights from conference thought leaders and some pictures capturing HCEG member and sponsor partners experiences at the conference. If you aren’t already a subscriber to our newsletter, you can sign up here.

Save the Date – 2019 HCEG Annual Forum – Boston, MA

HCEG’s 2019 Annual Forum takes place in Boston, Massachusetts on September 9 – 11, 2019. We’re working on developing an interesting agenda and lining up some great speakers. To learn a bit about last year’s annual forum and see some pictures, check out this recap. And click here to be added to a list to receive the latest information on our 2019 Annual Forum as it becomes available.

Connect with HealthCare Executive Group at the AHIP Institute & Expo

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health care conference, Conference, Health Care, Hospital, Health System, Health Insurance, Health Plan, Benefits, Affordable Care Act, Policy, CMS, Health Care Reform, compliance, pharmaceutical, health IT, network, contracting,health plans,health systems,leadership, medicaid & policy, pophealth analytics, behavioral health,network contracting, employer direct contracting, self-insured, Population Health Analytics, PopHealth, Social Determinants of Health, healthcare, healthcare conference,HealthCare Executive Group convenes and supports healthcare executives and thought leaders by providing a platform supporting the creation, curation and sharing of information and insight on current opportunities, challenges and issues in the healthcare industry.

It’s our 30th Anniversary and the HealthCare Executive Group has been in overdrive during the first half of 2018. We held an Executive Leadership Roundtable at the recent HLTH Future of Healthcare Forum, we worked with our sponsor partners to share insight via our ongoing HCEG Webinar Series, we’ve attended a handful of major healthcare industry conferences in support of our members and sponsor partners, and we continue to leverage our social channels to help address the issues, challenges and opportunities facing today’s healthcare executive leader.

We’ve also been preparing for our 2018 Annual Forum taking place September 12th through the 14th in Minneapolis, MN – recruiting industry thought leaders and fleshing out an agenda that promises to share valuable information, insight and networking opportunities.  Finally, we’re wrapping up the first half of our 30th Anniversary year by attending the 2018 AHIP Institute & Expo where we’ll support our members and sponsor partners – and gather additional insight to make our 2018 Annual Forum all the more valuable.

Major Healthcare Conferences of 2018

health care conference, Conference, Health Care, Hospital, Health System, Health Insurance, Health Plan, Benefits, Affordable Care Act, Policy, CMS, Health Care Reform, compliance, pharmaceutical, health IT, network, contracting,health plans,health systems,leadership, medicaid & policy, pophealth analytics, behavioral health,network contracting, employer direct contracting, self-insured, Population Health Analytics, PopHealth, Social Determinants of Health, healthcare, healthcare conference,

HCEG members and sponsor partners participated in many of the major healthcare conferences taking place in the first part of the year including the:

2018 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in March

15th Annual World Healthcare Conference in April

Inaugural HLTH Future of Healthcare Forum in May

Check out a recap of our roundtable event held as part of the Association Day at the inaugural HLTH Future of Healthcare Forum here.

WEDI Spring Conference in May

WEDI conference organizers have made complete conference information including sessions handouts available here.

2018 AHIP Institute & Expo next week June 20 – 22

HCEG members and sponsor partners will be participating in more conferences as the year continues, including, our course, hosting the 2018 HCEG Annual Forum celebrating our 30th Year convening and supporting healthcare executives and thought leaders.

Read on for more about HCEG Members and Sponsor Partners at the AHIP Institute.

HCEG’s Executive Leadership Roundtable

In May, we partnered with the International Association of Innovation Professionals, the Center for Healthcare Innovation, and the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange and held a unique ELR titled ‘Leadership, Trust & Skills in Overcoming Obstacles to Radical Innovation in Healthcare.’

Check out a recap of the roundtable event held in conjunction with the inaugural HLTH Future of Healthcare Forum here.

The Next Executive Leadership Roundtable – Nashville, TN

We’re planning another Executive Leadership Roundtable to coincide with the AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum on December 11 – 13, 2018 in Nashville, TN. Members and sponsors interested in helping shape the theme of this roundtable are urged to contact us at [email protected].

HCEG Webinars Offer an Opportunity to Learn from Sponsor Partners

In the first few months of 2018, HCEG and our sponsor partners produced webinars addressing a variety of topics such as Value-based Payment, Post-Acute Care in Medicare Advantage and a deeper dive into the 2018 HCEG Top 10. For more information on these webinars including a recap and recording, check out the following:

Recapping ‘The 2018 HCEG Top 10 Healthcare Opportunities, Challenges & Issues’ Webinar – Part 1

Recapping ‘The 2018 HCEG Top 10 Healthcare Opportunities, Challenges & Issues’ Webinar – Part 2

Recapping Value-Based Payment – Getting from Here to There…

The Financial Impact of Post-Acute Care in Medicare Advantage

The HealthCare Executive Group Webinar Series Continues

In August, “The Four Pillars of a Successful Core-System Replacement Project” will be presented by sponsor partner Change Healthcare on August 2nd, 2018 at 2:00PM ET. Reserve your seat for this webinar today!

HCEG is also working with other sponsor partners on additional webinars planned for the 4th quarter of 2018 after the Annual Forum.

Consider subscribing to our eNewsletter to be kept abreast of these webinars and other information and events of value to healthcare executives and thought leaders.

Preliminary Agenda and Keynote Speakers for HCEG’s 30th Anniversary Annual Forum

We’re pleased to share the preliminary agenda and announce that Andy Slavitt, former Acting CMS Administrator and current leader of Town Hall Ventures, and Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow, NY Times bestselling author and principle at the Blue Zones Project will be providing keynote addresses at our 2018 Annual Forum in Minneapolis, MN on September 12 – 14, 2018.

The following represents the current agenda which is being fleshed out and evolving on a weekly basis. We’re also identifying and recruiting more speakers and panelists, and planning enjoyable networking events intended to make our 2018 Annual Forum our best forum ever. If you or someone you know would like to be considered to speak or serve as a panelist at our forum, please use this form.

hceh annual forum healthcare executive group annual forum conference

To learn more and to get an idea about what the HCEG Annual Forum is all about…

… Check out these pictures from last year’s HCEG Annual Forum

… See who’s among the previous attendees of HCEG Annual Forum’s

If you would like to register to attend HCEG’s Annual Forum, you can register here. And if you are unsure as to whether you should attend, check out these Nine Reasons to Attend the 2018 HCEG Annual Forum.

HCEG Members and Sponsor Partners at AHIP Institute & Expo

The 2018 AHIP Institute & Expo takes place next week, June 20th through the 22nd in San Diego, CA and HCEG members and sponsor partners will be participating, speaking and exhibiting.

If you’re attending the AHIP Institute, be sure to meet our sponsor partners. Some of our sponsor partners are exhibiting, some are presenting, and some are attending. ALL of our sponsor partners can help your healthcare organization transform itself in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

Also not to be missed are sponsor partners CareCentrix and Change Healthcare offering refreshments and a Lunch & Learn session.

Date & Time Sponsor Partner Event
June 20: 8:00am – 11:00am CareCentrix Welcome Refreshments
June 20: 11:00am – 12:15pm Change Healthcare Lunch & Learn

Value-Based Care Market Research: Inside Successful Programs

June 20: 3:45 pm – 4:30 pm CareCentrix The Future of Care at Home: New Strategies for Post-Acute Care
June 21: 9:30 am – 10:15 am CareCentrix Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall

Stay Connected and Learn More About HealthCare Opportunities, Challenges & Issues

Check out the following for more information about the HealthCare Executive Group:

Becoming a Member of the HealthCare Executive Group

Attending our 2018 Annual Forum

Subscribe to our eNewsletter

Limited Sponsorship Opportunities

The HealthCare Executive Group has limited general sponsorship opportunities available to companies interested in supporting our members on a consultative, partnership basis. For more information, contact Juliana Ruiz.

HCEG Members and Sponsor Partners at the HIMSS Conference in Las Vegas!

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The behemoth of all healthcare conferences started today: the 2018 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition.  Few healthcare conferences garner the attention of healthcare industry executives and professionals as the annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition. And HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) members, sponsor partners and advisors are among the approximate 45,000 healthcare professionals descending upon Las Vegas this week to network with others, attend sessions addressing topics of interest, cut through the clutter and and jockey for position among 10’s of 1000’s of others in the cavernous exhibit halls of the HIMSS conference.

How Big is the HIMSS Conference?

To get an idea about the sheer size of the HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, consider the following statistics provided by HIMSS:

  • Number of Attendees: Approximately 45,000 people – equal to a capacity crowd during a Cubs game at Wrigley Field
  • Geography: attendees from 40 countries will be represented.
  • Exhibitors: About 1300+ vendors – most all of them flush with shiny handouts and branded tchotchke battle each other for the attention, contact information and budget of the attendees from around the globe.
  • Carpet: More than 10 miles of carpet cover the aisles of the exhibit hall
  • Connectivity: About 18 miles of cabling provide internet connectivity throughout the convention center.

HCEG’s Top 10 Mirror Popular HIMSS Themes

Historically, industry executives, media, thought leaders, speakers, influencers and brands predict major HIMSS conference themes in the months and weeks leading up to the conference. Not surprisingly, this year’s major themes closing align with the opportunities, challenges and issues ranked by HCEG’s members in the 2018 HCEG Top 10. These include the following:

Advanced Analytics (Ranked #1 on HCEG Top 10 List)

Clinical, operational and financial processes supported by ever-improving artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing applications have been identified by many as a primary way to make everyone more proactive to improve outcomes and lower costs. And the importance of non-traditional data sources such as social determinants of health, consumer-generated data and data purchased from 3rd parties provide tangible cost savings, time savings and quality of care improvements.

Value-based Payment & Care (#3)

In spite of recent pullback by CMS on bundled payment initiatives and some delays in implementing certain regulations regarding value-based payment programs, information, products and services aimed at accommodating our aging population and increasing levels of chronic conditions are legion in the sessions, exhibit booths and hallway conversations at HIMSS.

Population Health Programs & Services (#2)

Results from the 8th Annual Industry Pulse report, based on the HCEG Top 10, make it is clear that the industry can’t get to value-based payment (VBP) without significantly enhanced clinical data, analytics and agreed upon measures.  And VBP won’t succeed unless there is more focus on bringing communities together to change behaviors and how we think about approaching population health.

Sorting through all the overlapping platforms, data trends, and tools needed to complement the care team and provide patients with optimal outcomes at the lowest cost are no easy feat. Attendees exploring the exhibit hall in search of achieving efficient implementations, streamlined operations, scaled delivery across large markets have their work cut out for themselves this week.

Engaging Healthcare Consumers & Patients (#10)

Whether you agree or not, healthcare services and products are moving from a B2B to a B2C and B2B2C delivery model.

Recent announcements from non-traditional healthcare market participants like the Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JP Morgan Chase partnership and the CVS- Aetna merger make it clear that massive change in the traditional healthcare market – lead by the digitization of everything – is imminent. Duplicating the consumer engagement models these new healthcare market entrants have proven in other industries and markets makes it apparent that significant cultural and organizational changes are required to adapt to the digital transformation sweeping the healthcare industry.

Popular Hashtags At the 2018 HIMSS Conference

You can zero in on popular HIMSS-related themes using the following hashtags:

#patientengagement – Being used over 80% more this year in comparison to last year

#AI and its variants #artificialintelligence, #machinelearning and #bigdata

#VR, #AR and #IoT are trending upwards of 100-200% over last years conference

#Aim2Innovate, #TransformHIT, and #EmpowerHIT

Check out this eBook from HIMSS on some of the innovation that will be on display at this year’s conference.

HCEG Sponsor Partners at HIMSS

If you’re at the HIMSS Conference, be sure to check out our sponsor partners exhibits, sessions and special events are hosting. Here are those we know about at this time. We’ll share more as they become known.


Visit Booth 5062 to get some water, soft pretzels, Tastykakes and learn more about Instamed’s offerings.

Also, on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 7:30pm, InstaMed is also hosting a reception at TAO in The Grand Canal Shoppes of the Venetian Hotel & Casino. See here for more info.

Cumberland Consulting Group

Cumberland Consulting Group is hosting a happy hour on Wednesday, March 7 at 4:00-7:00pm at the Public House in Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. For more information, contact Brigid Turrittin.

Change Healthcare

Visit booth 4202 to meet with Change Healthcare – a HIMSS featured exhibitor.

On Tuesday, March 6th at 9:30, Change Healthcare, Intel and other vendor will present “Blockchain Reset – Seeing Through the Hype and Starting Down the Path.” Location is Sands Hall G Booth 11955ET.

Special ‘HIMSS18-edition’ eNewsletter

Keep your eyes peeled for more information, insight and ideas that HCEG members, sponsor partners and advisors will be gathering from Las Vegas this week. A special ‘HIMSS18-edition’ eNewsletter will be shared later this week including major takeaways, insights from conference thought leaders and some pictures capturing the event. If you aren’t already a subscriber to our newsletter, you can sign up here.

Recapping the 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

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The 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition held last week in Orlando, Florida drew an official 42,287 attendees. With almost 500 educational sessions and nearly 1300 vendors of all sorts of technology products and services, it wasn’t hard to feel overwhelmed and leave the conference thinking that you somehow missed something important and of potential value to your organization.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of recaps, summaries and post-conference analyses and opinion pieces that can serve to fill in any blanks. It’s just a matter of filtering out the thinly veiled marketing pieces and clearly biased opinion posts. And, as is a growing feature of more and more conferences, a large amount of content like slide decks, video and audio recordings are available.

This post provides a cross-section of articles recapping and summarizing the 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. These articles are from healthcare advisory firms, industry media, individuals and vendors of healthcare IT products and services. Also included are instructions on how to access any presentation materials that may be available from the HIMSS educational sessions.

Major Themes Align w/ HCEG’s Top Ten List

A quick review of the 20 or so “HIMSS conference summaries” listed below reveals that the major themes of the 2017 HIMSS conference are closely aligned with the 2017 HCEG Top Ten list developed by HCEG members. In fact, with the exception of “uncertainty,” the first four items on HCEG’s top 10 list are among the top five themes at the 2017 HIMSS Conference. And, considering that the HCEG Top 10 List was derived in September of last year prior to the U.S. Presidential election, HCEG members are batting 1000 with their assessment of the top challenges facing the healthcare system in the United States.

hceg hcexecgroup healthcare top 10 healtyhit hitsmTop Themes at 2017 HIMSS Conference

  1. Value-based Care & Reimbursement
  2. Artificial intelligence/Analytics/Machine Learning
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Consumerism & Patient Engagement
  5. Uncertainty

In regards to the ‘uncertainty’ surrounding healthcare in the United States, Rachel Arndt and Joseph Conn of Modern Healthcare have an interesting article titled “Questions and uncertainty cloud normally sunny HIMSS” that offers the idea that current levels of uncertainty aren’t just due to the presidential election but also exacerbated by vagaries in the 21st Century Cures Act and complexities associated with precision medicine, genomics and the demands for interoperability.

HIMSS Conference Summaries & Recaps

Industry Advisory Firms

“HIMSS17: Little Less Hype, More Focus on Value” – Chilmark Research

“Heard at HIMSS 2017” – Oliver Wyman

“Insights from HIMSS 2017” – Greyhealth Group

Industry Media Outlets

“What issues dominated HIMSS17? We asked, you answered” – Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review

“Emerging trends at HIMSS—focusing on practical uses of IT” – Health Data Management

“HIMSS 2017 buzz ranges from patient engagement to AI, machine learning” – Search HealthIT

“HIMSS17: How tech tools can aim for better patient experience” – HealthcareDIVE

“12 top technology trends from HIMSS17” – Health Data Management

“HIMSS 2017: Telehealth, remote monitoring and home care help providers meet patients where they are” – FierceHealthcare

“A look back at HIMSS17: Most impactful insights from thought leaders in Orlando” – Healthcare IT News


“Machine learning is the new ‘plastics’ and four more HIMSS17 observations” – Dr. John Halamka

“HIMSS17 Recap: AI Disruption in Patient Experience and Beyond” – Senem Guney

“Things I learned at HIMSS17” – Neil Versel

Vendors (Who aren’t being too ‘salesy’)

“Reflections on HIMSS 2017: Same Same, but Different” – Datica

“The Hottest Topics at HIMSS17” – Spok

“3 Takeaways from HIMSS17” – Dimensional Insight

“HIMSS 2017 Top 10 Themes and Highlights” – Kinvey

Interesting Video & Audio Clips from HIMSS17

Ginni Rometty Keynote at HIMSS 2017 – From IBM

HIMSS17: Full Event Highlights – HIMSS Media

“Episode 12: Bonus – HIMSS 2017 Insights and Recap, Part 1” – HealthBox

Accessing Conference Presentation Materials

If a specific educational session had any handouts available and if the presenter(s) gave permission, then HIMSS has made the handouts available for download – whether you attended the conference or not. To access handouts from a specific session, use this link to search for a specific session. Then click on the title of the session to display details about the session. If any materials are available, click on ‘Download Session Handout.”

HIMSS17 healthit hitsm healthcare technology hceg hcexecgroup session-details

But wait! There’s more!

Two additional interesting and potentially use artifacts associated with the 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition include the following:

“2017 HIMSS Leadership and Workforce Survey”

Be sure to follow the Healthcare Executive Group on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn where we share healthcare-related information, insight and commentary on a regular basis. For more information about becoming a member of the Healthcare Executive Group, check out HCEG’s 2017 Membership Guide.

3 Key Takeaways from Our #HIMSS16 Experience

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Blog-Banner-for-Pardot_HIMSS-REACTIONOverall, #HIMSS16 was an amazing experience for the Softheon team. As it was our first time attending the conference, we walked away with an overwhelming sense of optimism and enthusiasm for the future of our industry. As an industry leader in health insurance marketplace integration, we were thrilled to connect with so many forward-thinking organizations that were eagerly looking to take advantage of new opportunities while overcoming the challenges that exist within the modern healthcare industry.

The continued evolution of population health is of particular interest to our team at Softheon. New and innovative management techniques and tools are emerging to better balance cost savings with patient wellness. The emergence of modern value-based care models such as ACOs and patient-centered medical homes can be seen as an indication that population health has now been much more clearly defined and implemented in the United States.

Industry disruptors are moving forward with technological solutions such as mobile engagement tools, patient and physician portals and advanced analytics. In this environment, Softheon’s industry-leading exchange platform has been extremely well-received and we are elated with the outpouring of positive feedback from HIMSS attendees.

Our Top 3 Key Takeaways from HIMSS16:

1.Population Health is here to stay and has become a far more clearly-defined and widely-implemented model

2.The rate of maturation of management programs and technology in this space has exceeded expectations

3. Softheon’s Exchange platform along with our extended range of software solutions is increasingly in demand

As the industry continues to mature, we look forward to continued growth and the establishment of future partnerships that will enable an increasing number of healthcare payers to take advantage of our state of the art solutions.

Learn more about how Softheon can help your business break ground in the insurance market by requesting a copy of our whitepaper, “Turning an ACO Into a Health Plan: Distribution Platform Optimization”.


Mark Bethune, Business Development Lead-ACO Growth Strategies at Softheon