Overview of Creating the 2022 HCEG Top 10

HCEG Top 10 Focus Area Priorities

The HCEG Top 10 list has been a pillar of the HealthCare Executive Group for over a decade with 2022 marking the 12th annual release of this list of challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare leaders. The 2022 HCEG Top 10 is important as it helps drive HCEG programming, networking, and thought leadership for the current year. It also serves as the basis for the Industry Pulse, a national research effort that takes a deeper dive into select items on the HCEG Top 10 list.

Historically developed and finalized during the HCEG Annual Forum, the coronavirus pandemic forced a change to that approach to developing the 2021 HCEG Top 10 in late 2020. The following are the changes made to the all-virtual HCEG Top 10 development process for the 2022 HCEG Top 10:

Considerations Guiding Identification of Healthcare Priorities for 2022 HCEG Top 10

The following considerations were observed when identifying the various ‘focus areas’ or priorities for members of the HCEG Network to select and rank as the top 10 challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare executives in 2022:

  1. Incorporate Impacts from Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic
  2. Accommodate Changing Regulatory Environment
  3. Acknowledge Highly Competitive Environment & New-Age Entrants
  4. Consider Social Determinants, Health Equity, and Non-Medical Services
  5. Emerging Member Preferences & Focus on Member/Patient-Centricity
  6. Deriving Value from New & Emerging Technologies

See Identifying Healthcare Executive Priorities – 2022 HCEG Top 10 for more information.

Sourcing Focus Area Priorities for the 2022 HCEG Top 10

In addition to the above general considerations, items represented on previous HCEG Top 10 lists, input collected from HCEG Network members throughout the second half of 2021 and during Focus Area Roundtables, and a review of healthcare industry predictions for 2022 were used in creating the 2022 HCEG Top 10.

Survey of Healthcare Industry Predictions to Support the 2022 HCEG Top 10

As part of the 2022 HCEG Top 10 development process, almost 600 ‘predictions, trends, and priorities’ contained in 80+ lists of ‘healthcare predictions for 2022’ were reviewed with the following objectives:

  1. To help identify potential additional priorities for selection and ranking.
  2. To help identify sub-topics and examples of initiatives, programs, approaches, applications, & technologies related to specific priorities.
  3. To serve as a high-level confirmation of final rankings derived from ballots submitted by HCEG Network members. See below for more information.

Who Participated in Creating the 2022 HCEG Top 10

Based on the above, a total of 46 topics were consolidated into 21 focus areas as candidates for selection and ranking on the 2022 HCEG Top 10 ballot. This list was presented to members of the HCEG Network over a one-month period starting in mid-December.

A total of 134 healthcare professionals affiliated with the following organization types and seniority levels submitted ballots identifying their most pressing priorities for 2022.

2022 HCEG Top 10 Organization Type 2022 HCEG Top 10 Seniority Level

High-level Confirmation of Final HCEG Top 10 Rankings

As a means of obtaining a high-level confirmation and comparison of 2022 HCEG Top 10 focus areas to what others in the industry believe are priorities, trends, and predictions for the healthcare industry in 2022, the items included in the lists of healthcare predictions for 2022 (noted above) were categorized using the focus areas presented in the Top 10 balloting process. The frequency of these references was then compared to items on the 2022 HCEG Top 10 to confirm existence and agreement between items and rankings identified by the industry vs. the HCEG Network. The following presents this comparison:2022 HCEG Top 10 healthcare focus areas priorities

These rankings, information collected from Top 10 respondents and HCEG Network members, information gleaned from many of the 80+ lists of ‘healthcare predictions for 2022’, and the similarities and differences between all the information collected are all being used to help define the framework for the 11th Annual Industry Pulse research and additional content development, presentation, and networking opportunities.

More About the 2022 HCEG Top 10

While ballot submission for the official 2022 HCEG Top 10 list of priorities is now closed, healthcare professionals are invited to submit a ballot or comment on the final 2022 HCEG Top 10 list. All healthcare professionals are encouraged to participate in the 11th Annual Industry Pulse research that starts in early February. Indicate your interest in joining others to explore and discuss the above focus areas via this tool.

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