Membership Benefits

Candid Discussions on Real Solutions for Real Problems.  As a 32-year,  limited-member organization, HCEG provides a uniquely intimate learning environment for professional growth and development; offering member organizations the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and expertise of parallel organizations and industry leaders, while driving industry-wide innovation and transformation.
Members gain year-round access to the HCEG network, members and sponsor partners through:

Personal and Professional Development

Monthly educational initiatives include HCEG webinars, virtual panels, thought leadership development, technology discussions, and research opportunities based on opportunities, challenges and issues collectively identified by HCEG membership.
Members can lead and contribute to industry discussions on the HCEG blog, and virtual events amongst other opportunities to advance their thought leadership.

Executive Leadership Roundtables

Access to attend and/or participate (speak) in HCEG’s quarterly roundtable discussions, either virtually or hosted in conjunction with industry events.

Networking Opportunities 

Year-round digital and in-person opportunities to create new relationships and expand existing relationships with HCEG members, alumni, and partner organizations.

Annual Forum

Marquis HCEG event providing direct access to industry thought leaders and solutions providers, with unique opportunities to learn, network, share and reshape the healthcare industry. In 2020, the Annual Forum will be held in Boston, September 21-23rd. Options for a virtual Annual Forum are being explored.

Member Profile

HCEG members must be executive level leadership (C-Suite, VP’s & Directors) of organizations providing direct insurance benefits (Health Plans, ACO’s, IPA’s, etc.) or direct health services (Health Systems, Medical Practices, Providers, etc.).

Member Eligibility

Payer/Provider Memberships

Candidates are organizations that provide direct insurance benefits (policies, financial, administrative services and other risk-bearing and ASO services) and/or direct health services (medical, dental, vision, etc.) to groups or individuals, either as stand-alone entities or as a subsidiary under a commercial entity. 

Individual Membership

Candidates are executives from Payer/Provider Membership eligible organizations.

Alumni Membership

Past HCEG members who are unaffiliated with vendor organizations. Vendors provide products and services to HCEG member candidate organizations to better serve individuals.

Membership Options