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Announcing the 2021 HCEG Top 10+

The HCEG Top 10+ reflects healthcare executive priorities and serves as the framework for an annual research survey: The Industry Pulse Report


HCEG Webinar Series

Live webinars focused on priorities outlined in HCEG's Top 10 list and presented by healthcare leaders and change-makers


HCEG’s 30th Anniversary Annual Forum

Our 2018 Annual Forum celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the HealthCare Executive Group and included nationally-recognized healthcare thought leaders.


HCEG's 2019 Annual Forum

Video Interviews, Testimonies, Recap Posts, and more


World HealthCare Congress 2019

Recapping 16th Annual World Health Care Congress & CIO/CTO Strategy Track


HCEG Virtual Offerings

The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) promotes healthcare innovation, technology, professional growth, thought leadership and the development of life-long relationships by providing year-round opportunities for executives and change makers.
Supported by the knowledge and expertise of its members, select sponsors and parallel organizations, member organizations enjoy a wide range of benefits including virtual educational opportunities via the HCEG Webinar Series, Focus Area Roundtables, Virtual Panels, Virtual Town Halls and more. HCEG also produces informative original content and curates a wide range of timely insight and valuable information from a range of leading healthcare sources.

The HealthCare Executive Group

32 Years at the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation and Technology
The HealthCare Executive Group is a national network of select healthcare executives, thought leaders and experts of various disciplines who’ve come together to navigate the tactical and strategic issues facing the healthcare industry today.  HCEG was founded in 1988 by healthcare executives looking for a forum that offered an open exchange of ideas, opportunities for collaboration and transformational dialogue. Each year, HCEG membership identifies the HCEG Top 10 opportunities, challenges and issues facing executives in healthcare. The HCEG Top 10 serve as the foundation for HCEG educational and programming initiatives throughout the year.

Industry Thought Leaders, Experts and Innovators Navigating Tactical and Strategic Issues
HCEG promotes healthcare innovation, technology, professional growth, thought leadership and the development of life-long relationships by providing a platform for members to interact in national, regional and virtual events – all supported by the knowledge and expertise of its members, select sponsors and parallel organizations. HCEG members enjoy a wide range of benefits including virtual and in-person educational opportunities via webinars, virtual panels, our Executive Leadership Roundtables and the HCEG Annual Forum.  HCEG also produces original content and curates a wide range of timely insight and valuable information from a wide range of sources.

The 2021 HCEG Top 10+

The HCEG Top Ten has been a pillar of the Healthcare Executive Group for over 10 years, providing extensive insight into primary opportunities, challenges and issues currently facing healthcare executives in the United States.

Based on HCEG member input gathered during the month’s leading up to HCEG’s Annual Forum, and ranked during several iterations of voting during the Annual Forum, the HCEG Top Ten encourages continuous and evolving dialog on the main issues and concerns facing member organizations. It also serves as the keystone for industry wide analysis and HCEG’s educational programming throughout the following year. The HCEG Top Ten also provides the framework for an annual research survey: The Industry Pulse.

Developed in partnership with Change Healthcare over the past seven years, the Industry Pulse research survey is used to gather additional, more detailed information on the opportunities, priorities and challenges faced by health plans and health systems across the country.

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The Industry Pulse Based on the HCEG Top 10

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The Industry Pulse survey focuses on payer organizations, but includes the perspectives of other industry stakeholders such as provider organizations and vendors. The survey is developed in partnership with the HealthCare Executive Group and is based on the HCEG Top Ten list compiled by HCEG members during their Annual Forum.

The research draws from more than 2,000 healthcare leaders, 52% VP and above, including Change Healthcare customers, HCEG members, and Health Plan Alliance members. The researchers targeted the leaders of these organizations, 27% of whom are at the president or C-suite level. The survey is designed to annually provide healthcare stakeholders with timely insight on opportunities, challenges, and trends in the healthcare market.

HCEG Membership Benefits

As an invitation-only, limited-member organization, HCEG provides a uniquely intimate learning environment for professional growth and development including:

Personal & Professional Development

Monthly educational initiatives include webinars, virtual panels, thought leadership development, intimate 1:1 and small group discussions, and research opportunities based on challenges, issues, and opportunities collectively identified by HCEG members.

Executive Leadership Roundtables

Participate and/or present at HCEG’s quarterly roundtable discussions with other healthcare industry leaders – whether virtual or in conjunction with leading industry events like HLTH Forum, World Health Care Congress and the AHIP Consumer Experience Forum.

Networking Opportunities

Year-round digital and in-person opportunities to create new relationships and expand existing relationships with HCEG members, industry thought leaders, alumni, sponsor, and partner organizations.

HCEG Top 10+ & The Industry Pulse

Be a part of defining the HCEG Top 10 – original research developed by HCEG members and industry thought-leaders. The Industry Pulse, now in its 10th year, is a research survey based on the HCEG Top 10 and provides a deeper dive into the challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare leadership.

HCEG Annual Forum

HCEG’s marquee event offering direct access to healthcare executives, industry thought leaders and solutions providers. The Annual Forum includes learning sessions from healthcare experts and peers, direct access to leading industry resources, and interactive networking events.

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Sponsor Partners of HCEG contribute to ongoing educational initiatives, and benefit from increased visibility through our year-round thought leadership opportunities by:

  • Involvement with Development of the Annual HCEG Top 10 List
  • Presenting Webinar Series Events
  • Facilitating a Series of Focus Area Roundtables
  • Supporting In-Person Executive Leadership Roundtables
  • Hosting Regional Networking Events
  • Contributing to Online Discussions and Virtual Panels
  • Introducing Sessions at the HCEG Annual Forum
  • Contributing to Research and Creation of Original Content
  • Participating on HCEG Committees and Board of Directors

In addition to sponsor involvement with events and webinars, HCEG’s active content development, regular industry outreach campaigns, and active social media presence improve our sponsors’ digital footprint within the well-established and growing HCEG Network of healthcare executives, industry leaders, and influencers.

Our 2021 Sponsors – Leading Technology Product & Service Providers

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