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Virtual Second Opinion: A Way to Increase Member Engagement and Decrease Healthcare Costs

Comprehensive sets of data and leading-edge technologies coupled with established guidelines and protocols are foundational components of today’s health care system. Increasingly, diagnosing, determining procedural pathways, and performing specified procedures…

Why Provide a Virtual Second Opinion? Using Virtual 2nd Opinions. Increase Member Engagement. Decrease Healthcare Costs. Medical Review Institute of America.

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October 31, 2021

Comprehensive Care Management: Driven by HealthTech Convergence Singularity

Comprehensive care management dictates that an individual’s interactions with their care providers and their health plan’s medical management team should be considered within the broader context of their relationship to…

VirtualHealth: Intelligent Care Management Technology: Driving Alignment Towards the Quadruple Aim.

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October 29, 2021

Why Health Plans and Employer Groups Should Embrace Obtaining a Second Opinion

There are many reasons why an individual may want to obtain a second opinion on a diagnosis made or to confirm a particular medical procedure suggested or ordered by a…

Second Opinion Benefits. Health plans, payers, employer groups. Medical Review Institute of America MRIoA. 2nd

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October 5, 2021

5 Reasons Why Health Plans Must Adopt Intelligent Care Management Technologies

Over the last 10+ years, nearly all health systems and healthcare providers have adopted some sort of electronic health record system (EHR). And since the start of the pandemic, these…

Health Plans Intelligent Care Management Technologies. EHR Integration. Value-based payment programs. HELIOS. Closing the Loop.

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September 29, 2021

Value-Based Payment Programs – Highlights from Recent Roundtable

Like other systemic changes needed to ‘fix healthcare’ in the United States that have been proposed, discussed, and tried in various forms and fashions over the last 20 years, the…

ocus Area Roundtable on Next-Generation Value-Based Payment Programs

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September 23, 2021

Payment Integrity’s Role in Building a Fair & Equitable, Structurally Sound Payment System

Each year over the last decade, ‘Healthcare Payment’ and ‘Data & Analytics’ have been on the HCEG Top 10 list of challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare leaders; whether payment…

Payment Integrity. Fair and Equitable, Structurally Sound Payment System. Healthcare. payment reform. provider payment models. Value-based care.

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September 13, 2021

Extracting Strategic Value from Delay to Price Transparency Mandates

Staying on top of government regulations and their compliance is an ongoing reality for health plans, health systems, and care provider organizations operating in the healthcare industry.  And oftentimes when…

Delay to Price Transparency Mandate. No Surprises Act (NSA) and Transparency in Coverage (TiC). Machine-Readable Files. Self-Service Price Estimation Tool. HealthSparq.

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September 9, 2021

Payment Integrity: Supporting Frictionless Services & Outcomes at Fair Prices

Historically, payers and providers have maintained ‘arm’s length relationships’ with each party acting in accordance with what they deemed their own best interest. Both parties were wont to hold on…

Payment Integrity. Payer Provider Reimbursement. Fair Price. Accuracy. Appropriateness. Timeliness. MultiPlan.

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August 31, 2021

Impact of Healthcare Policy on ACA Marketplace – Leadership Discussion

The new administration and the pandemic have significantly impacted the United States healthcare delivery system with many changes to health care regulations and policy – particularly in regards to the…

Impact of Healthcare Policy. Legislation. ACA exchange marketplace. Individual Small Group Market. SEP. extended enrollment. Subsidy. American Rescue Plan. open enrollment period. Softheon.

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August 26, 2021

Intelligent Care Management Technologies: Key Considerations & Opportunities

As the healthcare delivery system continues to embrace value-based care and payment models, a number of factors are driving the adoption of intelligent care management technologies by health plans and…

Intelligent care management technologies. Value-based care models. Whole-person care. Patient engagement. VirtualHealth HELIOS.


August 20, 2021

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