COVID-19 Healthcare Industry Pulse Flash Survey

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Just four months ago in late February, the Healthcare Executive Group and Change Healthcare published the results of the 2020 Industry Pulse Report. This annual research survey is based on the 2020 HCEG Top 10 list and presents details and insight from a broad spectrum of healthcare industry leaders – specifically their insight, ideas, and opinions on the challenges, issues, and opportunities they expect to face during the coming year.

You can learn more about the 2020 Industry Pulse Report and what the leaders of the health plans, health systems, hospitals, medical providers, associations, governmental organizations, vendors, and others who responded to the survey think in this article: Insight from Healthcare Leaders & Change Makers – The 2020 Industry Pulse Report.

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COVID-19 Changes Everything – Or Has It?

And then came the coronavirus pandemic. Everything changed overnight across all industries – and the healthcare ecosystem seems to have borne the major brunt of impact:

  • Professional services done largely face to face were transferred to ‘telemedicine’ or telehealth channels with patients, health plans, providers, and all clinical and administrative staff consuming or providing these important services from remote locations – most often their homes
  • Federal, state and country organizations released regulations, new rules, and policy changes on coverage and payment for telehealth services, coronavirus-related testing, and treatment
  • More and more people started working exclusively from home or other non-traditional office settings – highlighting the importance of digital connectivity, interoperability, privacy, security, and performance

And now healthcare leaders are scrambling to ensure the survival of their organizations – reviewing initiatives and programs underway just months ago – and reassessing longer-term plans, business models, partnerships, and other fundamental aspects.

2020 Healthcare Industry Pulse Flash Survey –  What has COVID-19 Changed?

To help identify how the COVID-19 pandemic may have altered the insight and opinion offered by 445 respondents to the 2020 Industry Pulse Report only four months ago, the HealthCare Executive Group and Change Healthcare have created a “COVID-19 Healthcare Industry Pulse Flash SurveyHCEG Healthcare Executive Group COVID-19 Healthcare Industry Pulse Flash Survey

Learn Something You Probably Didn’t Know?

This 2020 Healthcare Industry Pulse Flash Survey takes about 5-7 minutes to complete – a bit faster if you don’t offer any comments. This survey closes on Friday, July 10th so please consider taking this short survey now.

The topics, survey questions, and potential responses proffered in this COVID-19 Healthcare Industry Pulse Flash Survey may themselves offer some ideas and considerations you may not have considered. And the accompanying ‘readout analysis’ will be shared afterward.

Please share this survey with your associates. Let’s all not only survive the COVID-19 pandemic but thrive afterward.

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Explore Healthcare’s Core Challenges with Peers

What will remain after the coronavirus pandemic passes remains to be seen, but for sure, the core challenges of healthcare will have changed forever. The results of this COVID-19 Healthcare Industry Pulse Flash Survey will be shared publicly in August. You can connect with other healthcare leaders and change-makers working together to maintain the safety, security, and health of the American people via any of the following channels.

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