Webinar: Physician Perspectives on COVID-19 Impact to Fall Season

By September 9, 2020 December 31st, 2020 Events, Resources
Physician Perspectives on COVID-19 Impact to Fall Season

In early September, the HealthCare Executive Group hosted an informal discussion with three physician executives. Long-time HCEG board member Dr. David Diloreto, MD, a board-certified ophthalmologist, ophthalmic plastic surgeon, currently a principal at Vizient/Sg2 and prior senior vice-president at GE Healthcare Camden was joined by Dr. Johanna Vidal-Phelan, MD Senior Medical Director in Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan and a practicing pediatrician at Hamilton Health Center, an FQHC in Harrisburg, PA.and Dr. Jason Woo, MD, a practicing board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist and a veteran with 31 years in the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service and consultant at the Arbinger Institute.

The discussion was centered on COVID-19’s impact over the past months, what’s changed, what’s remained the same, and what they’ve each observed and learned over the past months – particularly from a clinical and public health role. The following topics were discussed:

Impact Factors Affecting Utilization of Services The Change to Telehealth: New Opportunities for Providers to Connect with Patients
Balancing Treatment to Avoid Ongoing Destruction of Demand for Non-COVID Services Rethinking the Healthcare Supply-Chain – PPE as a Matter of Trust
Returning to School & Addressing Disadvantaged Populations Lessons Learned and Lessons to Be Learned
A Pediatric Physician on Sending Kids – Including Her Own – Back to School Experiences from Southern Hemisphere – Seasonal Viruses at All-Time Lows
Impacts on Minorities & Underserved Populations Value of Encouraging Use of Masks
Uncertainty in Testing and Understanding Prevalence ‘Long Haulers’ – The Unknown, Long-Term Impact of COVID-19
How Long Will We Be Dealing with COVID-19? Financial Impact on Providers, Employer Groups, & Payers
COVID-10 Vaccines & Importance of Fall Flu Shots Employers Forced into New Reimbursement Models
Avoiding Other Illnesses or a Different Pandemic – Maintain Immunizations Delayed Demand for Non-COVID Services
Vaccinations for Underserved Populations – Messaging is Key

The information, insight, ideas, and predictions from this informal discussion are presented in a 3-part blog series and you can read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Live, Interactive Chat and Q & A – Physician Perspectives on COVID-19

Join this special October event, interact with and ask questions of these physicians Tuesday, October 13, 2020, at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET. Questions and requests for additional information shared by registrants prior to and/or during the live chat will be fielded by the panelists.

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