The HealthCare Executive Group: Supporting & Convening Leaders & Change Makers in 2020 & Beyond

HCEG. HealthCare Executive Group. Annual Forum, events, thought-leadership, personal development opportunities. HIMSS 2020 Collaboration Partner. AHIP Educational Partner

Over 30 years ago, C-suite leaders of healthcare organizations came together to form the Managed Care Executive Group (MCEG) – a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help its members solve their problems with input and advice from other group members. And 60 years before MCEG was born, Napoleon Hill – author of the popular book Think and Grow Rich – shared the idea of the Mastermind Group. In 2014, the Managed Care Executive Group rebranded as the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) and continued its mission as a Mastermind Group for healthcare executives.

More Than a Conference Organizer, Media Outlet, or Online Networking Group

In its essence, the HealthCare Executive Group is a Mastermind group comprised of senior healthcare executives and industry leaders focused on transforming the healthcare system. HCEG is not purely a conference organizer, a media/content producer, or promoter of online events but rather an organization chartered to convene and support executive leaders of health plans, health systems, and provider organizations – throughout the year – in their mission to affect true change in our failing healthcare system.

The majority of HealthCare Executive Group members are senior executives associated with health plans, health systems, and risk-bearing provider groups. Memberships at the individual and company levels are available each providing various levels of benefits including discounted to complimentary access to our Annual Forum, events, thought-leadership, and personal development opportunities.

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Partnering to Enhance Collaboration, Content and Networking Opportunities

HCEG has established both formal and informal partnerships with complementary organizations that also serve our members and other healthcare industry participants associates. These partnerships extend and complement the content, networking opportunities, and value offered by HCEG and its partners. For 2020, these partnerships include:

HIMSS 2020 Collaboration Partner

HCEG is a Collaboration Partner with the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) at their 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition on March 9–13, 2020 in Orlando, FL. We’ll be hosting a “Breakfast Meet and Greet” on Wednesday, March 11th at 7:15 am.

AHIP Educational Partner

Last year, HCEG became an Educational Partner of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). HCEG members Ian K. Gordon and Ferris Taylor joined Dr. Esteban Lopez in presenting “What Should Be Keeping Health Care Executives up at Night?” For 2020, the HealthCare Executive Group will be hosting an Executive Leadership Roundtable at AHIP’s Institute & Expo 2020 in Miami, FL this coming June.

Other Partnerships for Healthcare Executives & Change Makers

As in previous years, HCEG has partnered with other organizations to present information, insight, and ideas for healthcare delivery system transformation.  These partnerships are outlined in this post titled “Healthcare Innovation & Transformation – Looking Back at 2019 & Forward Through 2020.HCEG. HealthCare Executive Group. Annual Forum, events, thought-leadership, personal development opportunities. HIMSS 2020 Collaboration Partner. AHIP Educational Partner

Testimonies from HCEG Members

 “The conference is a great conference for the level of executives and people that you have in the room talking about issues. There’s not a lot of primers at this conference which is nice. You’ve got people who are ready to dig deep on issues and can have executive-level conversations pretty quickly. And yesterday, I identified three or four potential partnerships between our organizations and how we can work to solve some of these issues together.”  – Ricardo Johnson, Senior Director Healthworx at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

“I think they nailed the 2020 Top 10 list (of challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare leadership.) I mean it, really every item on there would have been in the top of my list as well. I think that this group of people has really identified the top issues in the industry and gathered folks who are uniquely qualified to speak to them.” – Sara Stevens, VP of Healthcare Economics & Analytics Ops at Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan

“I think the word is it’s (HCEG’s Annual Forum) still intimate by design. We like to keep it roughly a hundred or so people. The last thing we wanted to be is a giant circus of people who don’t have the chance to share information and have an intimate discussion – so that’s by design.” – Richard Lungen, Managing Member at Leverage Health

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Supportive, Consultative Sponsor Partners

A limited number of healthcare industry product and service vendors serve as sponsor partners to underwrite and assist with HCEG’s events, programming, and content. HCEG’s sponsor partners play a role unlike many vendors who sponsor other healthcare events. Rather than dominating speaker positions, exhibiting products in a booth, or littering HCEG’s physical and digital channels with sales messages, HCEG requires its sponsor partners to serve in a supportive, consultative role on a year-round basis.

Sponsor Partners of HCEG contribute to ongoing educational initiatives and benefit from increased visibility through our year-round thought leadership opportunities via:

  • Development of the HCEG Top 10
  • The HCEG Webinar Series
  • HCEG Executive Leadership Roundtables
  • Regional Networking Events
  • Online Discussions and Virtual Panels
  • HCEG Annual Forum
  • HCEG Original Content
  • HCEG Committees and Board of Directors

See this overview of HCEG sponsor partners and sponsorship of the HealthCare Executive Group.

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