Networking, Collaboration, And Learning Opportunities for Healthcare Executives

2018 HCEG Annual Forum

Ongoing uncertainty, the need to digitally transform operations, and external disruption are three of many challenges, issues, and opportunities facing today’s healthcare leaders. So how can healthcare executives find the information, collaboration, and networking opportunities, both in-person and virtual, to stay on top of things? Indeed, professional associations, many healthcare conferences and digital channels such as LinkedIn, newsletters, blog posts, and Twitter can be an effective way for healthcare leadership to quickly and cost-effectively advance their initiatives and programs.

The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) has existed over 30 years to help those championing the transformation of healthcare better understand the challenges, issues, and opportunities facing they face and to facilitate connections with others facing similar concerns. This post shares insight from a long-term member of the HealthCare Executive Group on how HCEG has differentiated itself from the noise, vendor sales pressure and overbearing crowds so common in today’s conferences and digital channels.

How the HealthCare Executive Group Supports Healthcare Champions

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your association with the HealthCare Executive Group?Eric Decker, CIO, Independent Health

I am Eric Decker, Chief Information Officer at Independent Health, a regional payer headquartered outside of Buffalo, NY.  I have been a member of HCEG since 2015 and became a board member of HCEG in 2018.

Why did you join the HealthCare Executive Group?

I was promoted to CIO in early 2015, and being a ‘first-time’ CIO, I was looking for associations where I could meet and network with other healthcare executives at organizations similar to Independent Health. HCEG had been recommended to me by another CIO, and I was really happy with the networking opportunities and content provided at their annual forum.

What do you think makes the HealthCare Executive Group different than other healthcare associations and leadership organizations like HIMSS, CHIME, FACHE, etc?

The relatively small setting of the annual forum distinguishes HCEG from larger associations’ events.  There is only one concurrent track, and the break times allow me to reconnect with peers who I had met at previous forum events, as well as make new connections.

How does HCEG solicit input from its members as to what content, events, and services they’d like HCEG to provide to them?

Well, HCEG’s annual Top 10 list of challenges, issues, and opportunities is certainly the prime example of how it solicits specific information from its members. Not too many organizations drive all of their event planning and content development based on the sole input of its members.

What unique networking opportunities and experiences does the HealthCare Executive Group offer?

HCEG offers more than the usual networking mixers. The extracurricular activities at the Annual Forum and the Executive Leadership Roundtables are very conducive to getting to know other healthcare professionals in a relaxed environment. Too many times the crowds, noise and commercial distractions get in the way of truly forming a meaningful relationship that lasts beyond the networking event itself.

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What about the HealthCare Executive Group makes it different than other associations and organizations supporting healthcare leaders?

HCEG’s Annual Forum and Executive Leadership Roundtable events are a ‘safe space’ for healthcare executives to learn, discuss and inform – free from the distractions of large events and without vendors pushing sales pitches. I’m better able to gain perspective on challenges, issues, and potential opportunities.

HCEG events are very informal yet supportive. The friendliness and flexibility of their event and administrative staff was impressive. HCEG helps its members forge meaningful relationships that last long after any single event ends. Industry media that may share comments out of context are not allowed.

Nowadays, there are lots of ways to stay connected and communicate with peers and other business associates. How does HCEG support member connections and information exchange?

A single conference event over two or three days once or twice a year is not enough to keep up with challenges, issues, and opportunities in today’s fast-paced, uncertain healthcare environment.

HCEG provides a nice mix of in-person, physical gatherings throughout the year and also well-coordinated of virtual, digital channels to help stay informed and connected. And offers its members events, opportunities and support to share and acquire information and expertise outside of a single, transactional event.

HCEG’s develops its yearly Top 10 list during their Annual Forum. What can you share about the Annual Forum and the HCEG Top 10 list?

HCEG’s Annual Forum reinforced the information that I know and filled in some of the blanks I was not completely aware of. It has a good mix of sessions that presented a variety of perspectives. I was somewhat surprised by the candor and willingness to the panelists to engage with the audience.

The HCEG Top 10 provides a good overview of what’s happening in the industry. It helped me get a sense of what others are thinking and helped validate – and invalidate – some of my thoughts and assumptions.

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Meet Eric and Other Healthcare Champions at HCEG’s 31st Annual Forum

The 31st Annual Forum of the HealthCare Executive Group takes place September 9th – 11th in Boston. Come join Eric Decker and other champions focusing on the healthcare and digital innovation necessary to transform the healthcare system in the United States. Interact with your healthcare peers, learn more about how others are addressing similar challenges, issues, and opportunities, and create new relationships to advance your company-focused and personal missions.Healthcare Innovation and Disruption, HealthCare Executive Group, HCEG, 16th Annual World Health Care Congress (WHCC), CIO & CTO Strategy Track, innovation, disruption. healthcare champions, Data Analytics, Pharmacy Costs and Transparency, Importance of Useable Technology, Cybersecurity, HCEG Top 10, Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), International Association of Innovation Professionals,