HIMSS20 & Other Conferences Go Virtual – Insight & Information

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The historic cancellation of the 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition has impacted the way healthcare leaders and change-makers obtain information, exchange ideas, and network with others. In the last two weeks, many conferences have canceled or are canceling their physical events and are ‘going virtual’ to salvage the content and speakers they had lined up for their events. Other conference organizers are scrambling to figure out how to support their attendees and exhibitors going forward. Indeed, the conference and media industry – healthcare or otherwise – are mapping and paying the digital freight to help ensure their future.

Here’s some information on the virtual events and content the HealthCare Executive Group, our sponsors, partners, and associates are sharing to make the best of the cancellations of major healthcare conferences like the 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. And a bit of history on how HCEG provides a year-round approach to supporting the information and networking needs of healthcare executives and change-makers.

HIMSS 20 Cancellation – Collaborating Virtually

Almost immediately after HIMSS Leadership announced the cancellation of the 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, a slew of announcements about virtual events and content sharing were made by various speakers, attendees, exhibitors, and others involved in the HIMSS20 conference. This cancellation was the first time in nearly 60 years that the HIMSS Conference was canceled. And no one: attendees, speakers, panelists, sponsors, exhibitors, and/or those hired to produce the 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition have NOT been impacted in one way or another by this cancellation.

And shortly after HIMSS announced the cancellation of their annual conference, they announced that the HIMSS 2020 Global Health Conference & Exhibition is Going Digital.

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Information and Insight About the Future of Healthcare Conferences – Go Virtual

The comfort of meeting and exchanging ideas and information with each other at in-person events has changed. There’s no denying this fact. People are going to have to get comfortable with sharing information, making acquaintances, and networking with others in new, largely unknown and somewhat difficult to use, channels and platforms. Thankfully, the HealthCare Executive Group has decades of experience facilitating interaction between healthcare executives and the companies that support their mission.

In addition to our Annual Forum and quarterly Executive Leadership Roundtables, HCEG presents webinars, online discussion, podcasts and blog posts such as this post.

HCEG has also established both formal and informal partnerships with complementary organizations that also serve our members and other healthcare industry participants associates. These partnerships extend and complement the content, networking opportunities, and value offered by HCEG and its partners. For 2020, these partnerships include being a HIMSS Collaboration Partner and AHIP Educational Partner.

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HCEG Sponsor Partners – Conferences Go Virtual

HCEG sponsors scheduled to present in Orlando have stepped up and performed the work to share most of their scheduled presentations. We urge you to check out these virtual shares – webinars, recordings, blog  posts, and other information – from our sponsor partners:

Change Healthcare:

Our longtime sponsor Change Healthcare has prepared videos, graphics, blog posts and more to share information intended for HIMSS20 attendees.

See the Virtual On-Demand HIMSS20 Experience from Change Healthcare here.


Webinar recordings, blog posts and other digital content intended to help HIMSS20 attendees understand how Cost & Transparency and the Consumer Experience are key to improving healthcare outcomes are shared here by Surescripts and in the following downloads.

Executive Director Ferris Taylor shares thoughts on HIMSS20 cancellation and how HCEG is participating in #virtualHIMSS20 in this podcast from @healthcare_pod

Other HIMSS20 Participants – Go Virtual

Over the last week, dozens, if not 100’s, of virtual presentations and digital artifacts have been shared to help ameliorate the cancellation of the 2020 HIMSS Conference. Here are some of those digital shares of potential value:

Decision Insights Emerging Patterns 2018-2020

Compliance Trends and Frameworks for the Healthcare Industry

Virtual HIMSS – Consumerism & Patient Engagement Pavilion

The Near Future of Virtual & Intimate In-Person Events

Over the last week, since the 2020 HIMSS Conference has been canceled, a number of worldwide organizations, companies, and individuals have shared valuable insight into what may turn out to be the future of long-standing ‘initiatives’

Here are a few considerations:

  • How will healthcare leaders and change-makers obtain the leads they’ll lose from Cancelled Conferences and Events?
  • How will the current organizer dominatrix move forward over the next 12-24 months?
  • How will the organizer bring their conference or event online?

Here are some ideas for ‘Going Virtual:’

10 steps for scrappy marketers to survive the #HIMSS20 cancellation

Amid Coronavirus Fears, Startups Rethink the Virtual Conference

Best Practices: Hosting Events In The Age Of #Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Key planning recommendations for Mass Gatherings in the context of the current COVID-19 outbreak

What it takes to run a great virtual meeting

Connect with HealthCare Executive Group All Year-Round

Consider the following if you’d like to learn more about the healthcare delivery system transformation and connect with other healthcare leaders and changemakers.

HCEG. HealthCare Executive Group. 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. HIMSS20. Digital Health. Health Tech. HIMSS20 Collaborator. HealthIT.

Healthcare Leaders & Change Makers at the 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

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The 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition is two weeks away and the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) is looking forward to attending, presenting, and exhibiting at this granddaddy of all health IT conferences. In addition to supporting members, sponsors and partners, HCEG is also a HIMSS20 Collaborator. If you’re attending the conference and haven’t already registered, be sure to use the H20Collab discount code to save on your registration here.

This post shares some information on the 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition and highlights some HIMSS Conference information related to HCEG, the HCEG Top 10, and our members and sponsors.

2020 HCEG Top 10 at HIMSS20

It’s no surprise that the session tracks at the 2020 HIMSS Conference are grouped into primary categories that largely align with the items on the 2020 HCEG Top 10. Search for sessions based on a range of filtering options here. Click on the “HIMSS Track by Topic” below to see a list of all HIMSS sessions for that specific track.

HIMSS20 Tracks by Topic: 2020 HCEG Top 10 Item
Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 4-Data & Analytics
Biomedical Informatics or Healthcare Informatics 6-Holistic Individual Health
Consumerization and Patient Experience 2-Consumer Experience
Cybersecurity, Privacy, or Security 10-Privacy & Security
Data and Analytics 4-Data & Analytics
Health Information Exchange or Interoperability 5-Interoperability/Consumer Data Access
Healthcare Applications & Technologies ** All HCEG Top 10 items **
Innovation, Entrepreneurship or Venture Investment 3-Delivery System Transformation
Leadership, Governance, or Strategy 9-Healthcare Policy
Organizational Change Management
Personalized Health or Genomics 6-Holistic Individual Health
Population Health or Public Health 4-Data & Analytics
Professional & Workforce Development
Quality Improvement Model Practices
Telehealth 8-Accessible Points of Care
User Experience (UX), Usability, or User-Centered Design 2-Consumer Experience
Value-Based Care Models 7-Next Generation Payment Models

HCEG Sponsors Exhibiting at 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

Several of our sponsors – Change Healthcare, Surescripts, & Zipari – are exhibiting at the HIMSS Conference. If you’re looking to learn more about any of the following product categories, be sure to visit our sponsor’s booth exhibit. HCEG. Healthcare Executive Group. 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. HIMSS20. Digital Health


Product Categories HCEG Sponsor
Analytics Change Healthcare, Zipari
Artificial Intelligence Change Healthcare
Blockchain Change Healthcare
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Change Healthcare
Clinical Decision Support Change Healthcare
Consulting Change Healthcare
Consumer/Connected Health Solutions Surescripts, Zipari
Content Providers Surescripts
Enterprise Image Management Change Healthcare
Financial Management Change Healthcare
Health Information Management Surescripts
Interoperability/HIE/Integration Tools Change Healthcare, Surescripts
Network Solutions Surescripts
Payers/Health Plans Surescripts, Zipari
Privacy & Security Change Healthcare
Revenue Cycle Management Change Healthcare
SaaS (Software as a Service) Zipari

Search for exhibitors of a specific product category here.

Sponsor Presentations at 2020 HIMSS Conference

Our sponsor Change Healthcare is an Anchor Exhibitor at the 2020 HIMSS Conference and, in addition to sharing insight on their products and services, will be presenting sessions at their Booth #6759. See a list of in-booth presentations here.

Payer and Provider Perspectives: Healthcare Trends for 2020

Our Executive Director, Ferris Taylor, will be presenting “Payer and Provider Perspectives: Healthcare Trends for 2020” on Wednesday, March 11th at 4:15 pm at Change Healthcare’s booth #6759. Ferris will share information on the HCEG Top 10 and the recently released 2020 Industry Pulse Report.

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Surescripts Network Alliance at HIMSS20

Sponsor partner Surescripts will be participating in various presentations at the HIMSS20 conference and will be hosting a cocktail reception in their booth #2030 on Tuesday, March 10th at 5:00 pm. More info here.

Poster Presentations

One of the lesser-known sources of information at the 2020 HIMSS Conference is the various poster presentations. Be sure to check out these posters on your way to or from other sessions and events.

Networking Areas

Beyond the sessions and exhibits, the HIMSS Conference is about networking – making new connections and rekindling existing relationships. To support conference attendee networking opportunities, there are numerous networking opportunities available to HIMSS attendees including dedicated Networking Areas.

Of particular convenience are the following areas where you can meet with others – typically outside the hustle and noise of the main concourses and exhibit hall. These areas are open during conference hours as noted. Access semi-private working areas, recharge your device, network with peers and relax in the Networking Hub.

Executive Lounge – Room W309

  • Monday, March 9 – Friday, March 13 | Open during conference hoursHCEG. Healthcare Executive Group. 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. HIMSS20. Digital Health. Zipari. Surescripts. Change Healthcare.

HIMSS Spot – Lobby C

  • Tuesday, March 10 – Friday, March 13

Living Room – Room W205A

  • Monday, March 9 – Wednesday, March 11 | 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Thursday, March 12 | 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Friday, March 13 | 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

Networking Hubs

  • Level 1, Lobby B
  • Level 2, Lobby E
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Networking Opportunities

In addition to areas for quiet reflection (relatively quiet), the 2020 HIMSS Conference offers a number of networking events.

Additional Information on the 2020 HIMSS Conference

Connect with HealthCare Executive Group at HIMSS and Year Round

The 2020 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition offers a tremendous opportunity for healthcare leaders and change-makers to learn about the challenges, issues, and opportunities demanding change and innovation from all stakeholders – particularly within the U. S. healthcare system.

Consider the following if you’d like to learn more about the healthcare delivery system transformation and connect with other healthcare leaders and changemakers.

Healthcare Executive Group HCEG. HIMSS19. 2019 HIMSS Conference. Champions of Health. Leading conferences and events for healthcare executives and thought leaders. 2019 Annual Forum. Digital Health. Transformation.

Insight from Champions of Health at 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition

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The 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition adjourned on Friday, February 15th with 45,000+ professionals from 90+ countries, 1300+ exhibitors, 300+ education sessions spanning 24 topics and 100’s of special programs and networking events taking place over the nearly weeklong event. And HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) members, sponsor partners, and other Champions of Health were in attendance.

Healthcare Executive Group HCEG at HIMSS Conference. Recapping HIMSS19.

HCEG Executive Director Ferris Taylor – A Champion of Health

This post presents a few highlights and resources from the conference including:

  • HHS/CMS Regulators Challenge Private Sector Participants
  • What Others Are Saying About the 2019 HIMSS Conference
  • Resources from 2019 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition
  • Session Presentations/Slide Decks
  • Collection of Live-Streamed Interviews & Sessions
  • Conference News & Announcements

See HealthCare Executive Group & Sponsor Partners at the 2019 HIMSS Conference

HHS/CMS Regulators Challenge Private Sector Participants at 2019 HIMSS Global Conference

On Tuesday, HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf chaired a fireside chat with a handful of individuals holding or who have held senior positions with the federal government.Healthcare Executive Group HCEG at HIMSS Conference. Recapping HIMSS19. Seema Verma, Michael Leavitt, Dr. Karen DeSalvo, Aneesh Chopra Interoperability, Information Blocking and open API’s based on the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

  • Seema Verma – Current Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator
  • Michael Leavitt – Former Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary
  • Dr. Karen DeSalvo – Former Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)
  • Aneesh Chopra – First Chief Technology Officer of the United States

All of these Champions of Health discussed what was expected to be major HIMSS conference themes: Data Interoperability, Information Blocking and open API’s based on the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard. All of which got a boost on the opening day of the HIMSS conference with the CMS and ONC release of new rules intended to make data more accessible.

Among other things, the proposal mandates that FHIR will be the standard now for health plans, hospitals, vendors and others for sharing healthcare data sets. Here’s a Summary of the New ONC and CMS Notices of Proposed Rulemaking for Health IT. And the entire 742-page document. This post here by Fierce Healthcare provides additional details on the proposed rules.

See also HIMSS19 keynoters challenge private sector to keep pace with FHIR, open APIs’ for more.

Champions of Health Discuss Interoperability and Value-Based Care Delivery

On Wednesday evening, another Champion of Health, CMS’s Deputy Administrator and Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) Adam Boehler joined John Doerr, Chairman of Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins and Aneesh Chopra for an interesting and occasionally provocative discussion on The Intersection Between Interoperability and Value-Based Care Delivery.

As the session title indicates, the discussion centered around the topics of liberating healthcare data and addressing incentives to change payment from fee-for-service to value-based payments. This was an interesting discussion in that none of these three individuals are clinicians but rather brought what was clearly a business focus to the discussion.

Four Key Considerations for Revising Healthcare Incentives

Adam Boehler noted four key considerations for healthcare leaders to address in their quest to revise incentives and effect true change in the healthcare ecosystem

  1. Treat patients as consumers
  2. Help providers become more accountable for outcomes
  3. Adjust incentives to reward more preventive services
  4. Improve how payment policies are aligned to outcomes

Interesting Comments from Champions of Health at 2019 HIMSS Conference

A few interesting comments were made during the chat.

Aneesh Chopra, John Doerr, & Adam Boehler (R)

From John Doerr:

“There is not currently any business case for a large health system to replace their installed EHR system”

“What I believe is missing is a platform to make value-based care more successful and accelerated. We need to blow up fee-for-service to make these platforms happen”

“Artificial intelligence has been overhyped and is now underappreciated”

“On the current trajectory, the United States won’t win the artificial intelligence race”

From Adam Boehler:

“CMMI is a real treasure trove of information [regarding payment model innovations and programs] that is not being taken advantage as much as it should be by healthcare industry participants“

Learn more about the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation and its resources here.

North Carolina as a Hotbed for Healthcare Innovation

Additionally, the group discussed some of the organizations, programs and individuals working on innovative and other potentially transformational changes in various areas around the country. In particular, North Carolina was noted by all as leading the way in the area of value-based care, reimbursement, and improving outcomes.

Seemingly every speaker positively acknowledged that North Carolina is a hotbed of healthcare innovation with John Doerr stating “If what’s happening in North Carolina won’t work, we’re hosed.

More About Value-Based Care & Delivery – 2019 HCEG Top 10 Item #4Healthcare Executive Group HCEG at HIMSS Conference. Recapping HIMSS19. HCEG Top 10 list of challenges, issues, and opportunities. Digital health. Leadership.

The discussion between Adam Boehler, Aneesh Chopra, and John Doerr in the Orange County Convention Centers Chapin Theater was an insightful, entertaining, comfortable, and welcome break at the end of the 3rd day of the HIMSS conference. Sitting in those comfortable seats at the end of three days of walking, standing and talking made the information, opinion and occasional levity shared among these three healthcare leaders all the more enjoyable.

For every year since the HCEG Top 10 list of challenges, issues, and opportunities have been created by HCEG members, value-based payments have been included on the list. In 2018, value-based payment was ranked as #3 on the list – this year it’s ranked #4. One of HCEG’s members will be writing a guest post covering more of the discussion that ensued during The Intersection Between Interoperability and Value-Based Care Delivery.

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Inspirational Stories from Champions of Health at 2019 HIMSS Conference

Healthcare Executive Group HCEG at HIMSS Conference. Recapping HIMSS19. Champions of Health. Digital Health. Transformation.

Not everything in Orlando was just about technology, policy and the business of transforming healthcare. There were sessions featuring inspiring, true-life stories of courage in dealing with the clinical, administrative and financial aspects of the American healthcare system.

Cris Ross, CIO of the Mayo Clinic, shared about his personal struggle with dealing with the very healthcare ecosystem in which he had a role in creating. See this account of some of the challenges Cris Ross faced.

Another story shared how HIMSS helps to support and Celebrate the Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders by providing scholarships for undergraduate and post-graduates to low-income individuals. See MSHMI Student Earns Exclusive Industry Scholarship

Resources from 2019 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

Session Presentations/Slide Decks

HIMSSTV. Digital Health Content. Healthcare Executive Group HCEG at HIMSS Conference. Recapping HIMSS19. Interoperability, Information Blocking and open API’s. educational sessions

Above the scene view of HIMSS TV crew – Monday, 2/11/19

Whether you attended the HIMSS conference or not, you can access many of the presentation decks shared in the 300+ educational sessions. For information on how to access presentations from HIMSS sessions, see this easy 3-step process here.

What are Others Saying About the 2019 HIMSS Conference?

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of recaps, summaries, post-conference analyses and opinion pieces that can serve to help cut through a lot of the hype and chaff that’s unavoidable in a large conference like the annual HIMSS conference. Here are a few summary recaps that may be of interest.

Organizations Supporting HealthCare Executive Group at 2019 HIMSS Global Conference

As noted in this earlier post HealthCare Executive Group & Sponsor Partners at the 2019 HIMSS Conference, nearly all of our 2019 sponsor partners were represented at the 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition. In addition to exhibiting at the conference, our sponsor partners served as Champions of Health by participating in general sessions, educational sessions, and various formal and informal networking events.

In addition, our sponsor partners shared via HIMSS formal, live-streamed sessions, hosted luncheon session for attendees to share their experiences with blockchain technologies, offered complimentary smoothies throughout each day, and in general helped attendees to get the most out of their HIMSS conference experience.

Healthcare Executive Group HCEG at HIMSS Conference. Recapping HIMSS19. HCEG Top 10 list of challenges, issues, and opportunities. Digital health. Leadership. Appian, Change Healthcare, Instamed, Surescripts, Zipari,More Opportunities for Champions of Health to Convene, Share, & Network

Events like the 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition are great opportunities to get a feel for and gain a better appreciation for what’s going on across the entire healthcare ecosystem. There are so many challenges, issues, opportunities, and uncertainties that must be triaged on a daily basis. To many people, meeting and interacting with other individuals, communities, groups, vendor companies and other organizations in a meaningful – however brief – moment is what these conferences are all about.

To continue our mission of convening and supporting Champions of Health, the HealthCare Executive Group offers the following opportunities to healthcare executives and other leaders:

16th Annual World Healthcare Congress – Washington, DC – April 28 – May 1, 2019

We’re partnering with the World Healthcare Congress to present the ‘CIO & CTO Strategy Track’ at this year’s 16th Annual World Healthcare Congress. Learn more about the agenda here – including a list of speakers in the CIO & CTO Strategy Track.

Use HCEG2019 for a special HCEG-only discount to this important annual event. Feel free to contact us for more information.Healthcare Executive Group HCEG at HIMSS Conference. WHCC. World Healthcare Congress. 'CIO & CTO Strategy Track' Digital Health. Transformation. 16th Annual World #Healthcare Congress: Apr 28- May 1

Our 2019 Annual Forum – Boston, MA – Sep 9-11, 2019

HCEG’s 2019 Annual Forum takes place in Boston, Massachusetts on September 9 – 11, 2019. Our planning of the agenda, speakers and special networking events continues and we are close to opening up registration.  To learn a bit about last year’s annual forum and see some pictures, check out this recap. And click here to be added to a list to receive the latest information on our 2019 Annual Forum as it becomes available.

Healthcare Executive Group HCEG. Leading conferences and events for healthcare executives and thought leaders. 2019 Annual Forum. Digital Health. Transformation.

Healthcare Executive Group Supports National Health IT Week – October 2-6, 2017

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NHITWeek National Health IT Week HealthIT healthtech HIMSS HCEGToday marks the start of National Health IT Week (#NHITWeek,) a collaborative and partner-driven event whose purpose is to promote the awareness and demonstrate the use of information technology in:

  • Supporting Healthcare Transformation: The many ways in which health IT is driving transformation in healthcare delivery including improvements in quality and safety, interoperability, advances in innovation, and patient and consumer activation and engagement.
  • Expanding Access to High Quality Healthcare: Use of innovative technologies including telehealth and remote patient monitoring to improve healthcare access, coordination and outcomes.
  • Increasing Economic Opportunity: Highlighting the importance of a robust, diverse health IT workforce and health IT’s role in supporting economic growth.
  • Making Communities Healthier: The fundamental role health IT plays in supporting population and public health

As a group of executives, thought leaders and advisory partners serving health plans, health systems and provider organizations throughout the United States, the Healthcare Executive Group (HCEG) is proud to partner with and to support National Health IT Week and the above points of engagement – this week of October 2 – 6, 2017 and throughout the year. You can learn more about #NHITWeek and related events here.

The 2018 HCEG Top 10

To kick of National Health IT Week, the Healthcare Executive Group is pleased to announce the formal release of the 2018 HCEG Top 10 list of opportunities, challenges and issues facing executives of health plans, health systems and provider organizations in the United States.

The HCEG Top 10 has been a keystone of the Healthcare Executive Group for over 13 years and provides insight into the most current, pressing priorities facing their industry. Based on HCEG member input and sponsor partner research, the HCEG Top 10 serves as a framework for continuous and evolving dialog among healthcare executive members on the critical opportunities, challenges and issues facing their organizations. Educational programming including periodic Executive Leadership Round Tables, research initiatives, monthly webinars, whitepapers, blog posts and ongoing member discussion are all driven by the HCEG Top 10.

For more information on the 2018 HCEG Top 10, see today’s press release and visit our web site.

Help Spread the Word About National Health IT Week

Never before has the digital transformation of healthcare been so pervasive and rapid. Health information technology is key to advancing the imperative points of engagement emphasized during National Health IT Week. Please join the conversation on social media by using the #NHITWeek hash tag. Share how you and/or your organization is using health information technology to transform points of healthcare and health outcomes.

HCEG will be participating in NHIT Week by sharing content via its social channels, member LinkedIn pages, and via this blog. For more information, insight, ideas and commentary about National Health IT Week, healthcare, healthcare information technology and the digital transformation of healthcare, consider following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – and subscribe to our eNewsletter.