Intelligent Care Management Technology: Driving Alignment Towards the Quadruple Aim

Presented on Thursday, October 7, 2021

As the industry rapidly shifts towards value-based care, healthcare organizations are focusing on proactive preventative care, as opposed to reactive sick care. In response, leading payer organizations are seeking targeted, proven and personalized approaches to manage their populations’ health. They are discovering that care management technology is a critical component of this solution, as well as towards achieving the overall Quadruple Aim.

When integrated into the healthcare system in the right way, effective care management leverages payer, provider, and third-party data to create a 360º, whole-person view of each member. Providing care managers with this broad-spectrum visibility of the member, coupled with robust rules engines, automated workflows, configurable assessments, and built-in utilization management tools has been proven to make care managers up to 85% more efficient in their work.

In this webinar, HCEG’s Ferris Taylor, Dr. David DiLoreto, MD, a principal at Vizient/Sg2, and Sue Powers, a long-time executive of VirtualHealth, discuss how intelligent care management technologies, like HELIOS®, can help payer organizations:

  • Improve health outcomes by supporting more timely, personalized engagement with members.
  • Reduce financial costs by replacing reactive and delayed healthcare services with advanced analytics proactively integrated into payer and provider workflows.
  • Enhance member engagement and prioritize members’ health using intelligent insights delivered across the care management continuum.
  • Empower care managers with automated, workflow-enhancing utilization management and other services/tools that offer a scalable, personalized whole-person view.
  • Spend less time and money on traditional administrative tasks.
VirtualHealth Intelligent Care Management Technology: Driving Alignment Towards the Quadruple Aim
Ferris Taylor Dr. David DiLoreto, MD Sue Powers
Executive Director – HCEG

Principal – Vizient/Sg2 Chief Growth Officer – Virtual Health