Clinical History is Crucial to Effective Care Management

Presented on Thursday, October 28, 2021

Effective care management communications supported by a 360° view of patient information and healthcare-related services are essential to operating in today’s healthcare environment. This is particularly critical as holistic individual care and value-based payment programs are being more widely pursued by healthcare stakeholders.

Gaps in clinical history, lack of interoperability and time-consuming interactions by phone and fax are just a few of the many challenges care managers at health systems, physician offices, and health plans face when trying to get a comprehensive view of their patients’ and members healthcare interactions. From care coordination to patient outreach, care management runs best on timely, actionable patient intelligence delivered in the most convenient, easy to use, ‘trackable’ fashion.

In this webinar, attendees heard about practical ways to address the above and other common care management challenges for at-risk individuals and populations, both at the point of care and between patient visits. Some takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Awareness of current care management and collaboration challenges between the health plans and care providers that impact care quality
  • Challenges assembling a comprehensive clinical history and how visibility into patients’ prior care events and medication history helps care teams effectively coordinate care and improve health outcomes
  • Practical tools and use cases to improve collaboration and information exchange that support care management from both providers and plans
  • Mechanisms to boost payer-provider-patient care management collaboration and drive positive impact to member outcomes
  • How health plans can take an active leadership role in reshaping care management collaboration with care providers
Ferris Taylor Kat Thorp Justin McMartin
Executive Director – HCEG Director, Product Innovation, Surescripts Product Manager, Surescripts

Ferris is HCEG’s Executive Director and past COO of Arches Health Plan.  Ferris has more than 30 years of healthcare leadership, technology, and consulting expertise.


Kat has spent the past 20 years in health care IT with recent participation on the Carequality Advisory Board. Kat currently leads a Clinical Interoperability product team at Surescripts. Justin is a Product Manager on the Clinical Interoperability team. He focuses on expanding the impact of clinical history solutions, Care Event Notifications, Record Locator & Exchange, and Clinical Direct Messaging.