The Industry Pulse Survey will provide insights into the state of a hard to gauge sector

Miami, FL, – October 6, 2016– In efforts to validate and expand the 2017 HealthCare Executive Group’s (HCEG) Top 10 challenges identified by member executives, HCEG launched today the 7th annual Industry Pulse Research Survey.  Developed in partnership with sponsors of the 26-year old organization, the Industry Pulse Survey gives healthcare executives around the country an opportunity to confidentially share their perspectives on a range of critical healthcare issues.

Results from the Industry Pulse Research have been featured at AHIP conferences and other industry events as a means to stimulate conversation and enhance perspectives on industry priorities.  This year’s Industry Pulse Research Survey has an emphasis on strategy and operations that will help gauge the industry priorities as healthcare prepares for a consumer-driven marketplace which will demand more value and better access to health care.

“Healthcare executives face a new set of challenges ranging from emerging value-based reimbursement to redesigning care models; from cybersecurity to harnessing mobile technology for disease management and member engagement,” said, Alan Abramson, SVP and CIO of HealthPartners and long-time Board member of HCEG, describing this year’s HCEG Top 10 as announced a few weeks ago, including:

  • Value-based Payments
  • Total Consumer Health
  • Clinical and Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cost Transparency
  • Harnessing Mobile Health Technology
  • Addressing Pharmacy Costs
  • Care Redesign
  • Accessible Points of Care
  • Next Generation ACOs

The topics in this year’s survey allows all healthcare stakeholders to weigh in on critical issues identified by HCEG members. “Healthcare reform has turned the business of healthcare upside down. Addressing infrastructure and operational issues are table stakes and healthcare firms must now focus on strategic and transformational activities,” said Ferris Taylor, Chief Strategy and Operating Officer, Arches Health Plan, and Office of the Chair at HCEG, “The Top 10 list identifies the activities all health plans and health systems must address to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.  We look forward to national input on these and other healthcare priorities.”

The Industry Pulse Research Survey is NOW OPEN, via the following link. The survey takes 5 minutes to complete. Responses will be collected through October 21st.

About HCEG

The HealthCare Executive Group is a national network of select healthcare executives, thought leaders and sponsors who navigate the tactical and strategic issues facing organizations today and provide a platform that promotes healthcare innovation and the development of life-long professional relationships. Originally the Managed Care Executive Group (MCEG), the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG), was founded in 1988 by healthcare executives looking for a forum where the open exchange of ideas, opportunities for collaboration and transformational dialogue could freely ensue, especially with respect to the annually identified HCEG Top 10 Critical Issues. For more information, visit or follow HCEG on Twitter at @HCExecGroup.


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