Practical Application of Personalization to Benefit Members and Patients

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 – 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

Consumers are demanding more value for their dollar. They want better choices, knowledge to make informed decisions, and on-demand access to tools that improve their overall health. In this digital era, consumers also expect custom experiences.  Personalization, foundational empathy, incorporating design thinking into applications, leveraging journey mapping, segmenting user groups based on behavior, and utilizing consumer analytics are well-developed principles, methods and approaches used throughout the retail and hospitality industries to provide exceptional consumer experiences.

Understanding and adopting a strategic approach to healthcare consumerism is critical for healthcare stakeholders as people expect the healthcare system to operate like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and other digital industries. Leading health plans, health systems, and care providers are borrowing tried and tested programs, practices, and innovation frameworks from the retail and hospitality industries as they digitally transform their organizations.

In this HCEG Webinar Series event, Angela Perri, Chief Medicare Officer at the UPMC Health Plan, Denise Holt, Partner and Head of Strategy, Experience + Insights at ICF Next, Keith Roberts, Consulting Practice Director of Healthcare Consumerism at Change Healthcare, and Ferris Taylor, Executive Director of the HealthCare Executive Group will share and discuss examples of how healthcare entities can incorporate consumerism principles to accelerate their strategic agenda.

  • Foundational Empathy: Design Thinking applications in healthcare
  • Behavioral Segmentation: Consumer Analytics make you precisely relevant
  • Journey Mapping: Building Consumer Journeys around patient and member needs
  • Examples of Provider outcomes of personalization
  • Examples of Health Plan outcomes of personalization
Keith Roberts Consulting Practice Director-Healthcare Consumerism at Change Healthcare
Angela Perri Denise Holt Keith Roberts Ferris Taylor
Chief Medicare Officer Partner and Head of Strategy, Experience + Insights Consulting Practice Director-Healthcare Consumerism Executive Director
UPMC Health Plan ICF Next Change Healthcare HealthCare Executive Group