Leading Healthcare Organization Expands Audience and Reach

The Managed Care Executive Group re-launches as the HealthCare Executive Group, now includes executives from across the spectrum.

Fort Lauderdale, FL April 7, 2015 — After months of planning and development the Managed Care Executive Group (MCEG) is proud to announce its new brand, name, website and member strategy. Now the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG), the organization is expanding its charter from its previous focus: the payer space, to now include executives from all major sectors within the healthcare industry, providing a comprehensive focus on the industry as a whole.

With over 25-years as a leading network of thought-leaders within healthcare, HCEG continues to be a platform for industry-wide innovation and transformation through exclusive, ongoing opportunities available to members.

The expansion of HCEG to now include executives from the entire healthcare industry is key in providing our member organizations with resources to truly help transform the Healthcare System, Says Tom Carleton, Chairman of the Board for HCEG. Collective input and participation of HCEG executives will continue to drive the development of an optimal healthcare ecosystem with nationally recognized contributions from the HCEG Annual Forum and HCEG Top 10.

The HCEG Annual Forum brings HCEG members from across the country together for 3-days to discuss industry specific topics and trends, while providing a setting for real, relevant and productive dialog amongst peers. Forum attendees collectively develop the HCEG Top 10 a keystone for industry-wide analysis that communicates critical issues and trends in the market.

This year’s Annual Forum scheduled October 25-28th in Fort Lauderdale, FL; promises to provide an invaluable experience that fosters personal development, education, trends, new and emerging technologies and a plethora of other innovations that will directly impact costs, effective service and quality of healthcare.

Members of HCEG are on a mission to transform the Healthcare System through the exchange of information, ideas and experiences from key executives across the industry. Member specific access to industry insights, key trends and research opportunities from HCEG, will continue to encourage relevant dialog and provide valuable information that will ultimately contribute to the success of their organizations members and sponsors.


About HECG

The HealthCare Executive Group is a national network of select healthcare executives and thought leaders, who navigate the tactical and strategic issues facing organizations today and provide a platform that promotes healthcare innovation and the development of life-long relationships. Originally the Managed Care Executive Group (MCEG); The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG), was founded in 1988 by healthcare executives looking for a forum where the open exchange of ideas, opportunities for collaboration, and transformational dialogue could freely ensue.

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