Las Vegas, October 28th, 2019 – The Industry Pulse Research Survey, developed by the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) with sponsor partner Change Healthcare, has launched in time for HLTH. 

The survey, drafted by a diverse representation of healthcare stakeholders, is a deeper dive into the 2020 HCEG Top 10 (the annual list of the opportunities, priorities and challenges facing HCEG healthcare executives) as voted and ranked by the HCEG members and sponsor partners during the organization’s Annual Forum in September. This marks the 10th year that HCEG has facilitated the networking to develop and execute the national study. 

“The year 2020 and this being the 10th annual Industry Pulse Survey, makes it a marquee study. HCEG is excited to hear the national sentiments as compared to those represented by HCEG members and partners in 2020 HCEG Top 10” states Ferris Taylor, Executive Director of HCEG. “We’re particularly interested in comparing the insights of a variety of stakeholders on these key issues. We will also be able to look back at how priorities and perspectives have changed over the years.  The more responses we have, the more insight HCEG will be able to share in early 2020. We encourage everyone to take the survey.”

The Industry Pulse Research survey will be live until November 29th, 2019. Executives from across the healthcare ecosystem are asked to participate and help shape the future of healthcare. Results will be published early in 2020. Survey participants will receive an advance copy of the results report and an invite to a webinar to discuss the findings, which could be a valuable resource to help organizations navigate the complexities of our rapidly evolving healthcare system. The survey is accessible via this link. 

In Vegas for HLTH? Join the Discussion On Topics Pertinent to the HCEG Top 10 and the Industry Pulse  

On Wednesday, October 30th, from 12:00 to 3:00pm PT in HLTH Track Room 5, HCEG will facilitate a roundtable lunch discussion on trust, leadership and innovation, topics that cut across all of the 2020 HCEG Top 10. Additional information on the 2020 Industry Pulse survey will be available. All healthcare industry experts are encouraged to join HCEG at the Executive Roundtable Flying the Plane While Building the Plane: Do You Have What It Takes to Pilot the Transformation of Healthcare?

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