Pembroke Pines, Florida, March 21, 2019—This week the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG), in partnership with Change Healthcare, published the 9th Annual Industry Pulse Research Report. Up to 255 survey respondents, with over 48% being VPs or above, shared their insight on the critical issues, challenges and opportunities ranked by HCEG members on the 2019 HCEG Top 10 list last fall.

The confirmation of the HCEG Top 10 and more detailed insights from the Industry Pulse survey are an invaluable resource for healthcare executives within their own organizations. Healthcare leaders can use this report to engage their management in deeper and more constructive efforts to competitively position themselves in their marketplace and to develop more robust and effective strategic programs.

“We hope the 2019 Annual Industry Pulse Report spurs conversation and action for current stakeholders in adapting much faster to demands of a 21st century healthcare system,” said Ferris Taylor, Executive Director of HCEG.  “If traditional stakeholders aren’t able to transform healthcare, outside parties will.”

Healthcare Amid Continued Uncertainty Reflected in HCEG Top 10 & Industry Pulse

  • External Market Disruption (#7) entered the HCEG Top 10 list for the first time and is confirmed by the Industry Pulse Report with 32.2% of respondents anticipating the greatest impact to be “disrupting current business models.” Whether or not external entrants find healthcare to be more complicated than they thought is yet to be seen.
  • Payment Reform/Value-Based Payments (#4) has been on the HCEG Top 10 list every year for the last decade. 6% of the Industry Pulse Report respondents expect it will be 3 years or more before payments contain both upside and downside risk.  The report goes deeper into what needs to happen to orchestrate high-value care.
  • Consumerism (#2), Mobile/Digital Health (#5) and member engagement have ranked high in the HCEG Top 10 for a number of years. This year’s Industry Pulse Report shows the tools and services being used to enhance member/patient engagement and the best approaches for addressing passive patients, such as incentives, health literacy and cost transparency tools.
  • The Data & Analytics (#1) to support multiple healthcare priorities is highlighted this year. Progress in how primary sources of clinical data and analytics have recently been impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare quality and outcomes are also suggested.
  • Population Health/Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) (#3) moved higher in the HCEG Top 10 as the industry transitioned from broad medical condition segments of the population to looking at what is called “barriers to better health.” Industry Pulse survey respondents shared how their organizations are integrating SDoH and which non-medical barriers to care their organizations will take action on in the next 12 months. Also noted are anticipated challenges to integrating SDoH into population and clinical care programs.
  • Privacy/cybersecurity (#10) wasn’t a significant HCEG issue until 4 or 5 years ago when a 100 million member records were breached. Industry Pulse indicates that efforts to address cybersecurity threats may be stalling and provides specifics as to reasons. Recently, Modern Healthcare reported that 2 million member records were compromised across 31 different breaches in February 2019 alone – a 500% increase over February 2018. This should alarm the industry and HCEG encourages everyone to look at the reasons shared as to why Cybersecurity initiatives are not a higher priority.

Industry Pulse Report

Additional findings are available in the 9th Annual Industry Pulse Report. It’s recommended that all healthcare stakeholders download a copy and consider what the findings mean for their own organization.  The complete survey results can be accessed on the HCEG website, here; or on Change Healthcare’s website, here.

The 2019 Industry Pulse Research Webinar, which will dive deeper into the research results, will be held on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 2 PM EDT.  Ferris Taylor, Executive Director of HCEG and David Gallegos, HCEG Board member and Sr VP of Consulting Services at Change Healthcare will provide additional insight and commentary, plus answer questions on the survey results and the 2019 HCEG Top 10. Registration is live via this  link.

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