Join us on Monday May 8th at 3pm, followed by a 5:30pm Happy Hour at the GuideWell Innovation Center.

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Operationalize Before You Analyze: Innovation and Growth Powered by Data. 
Analyzing data and operationalizing data are not the same thing. Some healthcare organizations have made the painful and expensive mistake of focusing their innovation programs and growth investments on the “shiny ball” of analytics – the end stage of the analytics journey – instead of first improving the agility and speed at the initial “operational” stages of the data journey:  combining, enriching, indexing, searching, harmonizing, and alerting. When it comes to operationalizing data and using information to help run the business, organizations encounter numerous data silos, point-to-point integrations and other significant challenges exacerbated by the lack of enterprise features such as security, transactional support, performance, and governance.
In this Executive Leadership Forum, you’ll hear about use cases and success stories from business and technology leaders who’ve used “Next Gen” data strategy, architecture and technology to achieve essential innovation, growth and modernization results. Additionally, you’ll learn about key attributes for establishing a “Center of Excellence” and rolling it out at enterprise scale.

Joining the discussion as a co-moderator is Constance Sjoquist, former Gartner Research Director for Healthcare.

 Who Should Attend?

Any healthcare executive with mission critical projects that require improved data agility and faster time to delivery should consider attending this unique leadership event:

  • Business Executives (operations, administrative, clinical) responsible for business “digital” modernization & improving experience / satisfaction initiatives.
  • Technology Executives (integration, architecture, infrastructure, development, security) charged with implementing and supporting operational and analytical data integration platforms to achieve business goals.

What Business Executives Will Take Away

  • More insight into the competitive advantage and cost-savings a 360-degree view of Anything – member/patient, provider, etc. – can bring to a healthcare organization.
  • How creating profiles / preferences enhance engagement and experience while improving Net Promoter Scores (NPS).
  • Understanding of the business advantages and opportunities associated with ‘Next Gen’ data architecture and technology.
  • An understanding of use cases that increase business agility and improve time to market.
  • How continuous security, governance and sharing of data that’s usable and actionable is key to enabling growth and innovation.

What Technology Executives Will Take Away

  • An understanding of modern, multi-model “platform” approaches for integrating disparate data silos into a single operational and analytical infrastructure (secure, ACID compliant, etc.).
  • Awareness of the landscape of data technology vendors offering data platform solutions.
  • Why standalone, point solution “apps” or data “tools” present significant vendor lock-in risk.
  • How a metadata search approach supports rapid enterprise integration of structured and unstructured data.
  • Better understanding why top national healthcare organizations are implementing “Next Gen” data hub Centers of Excellence (CoE) to power their innovation programs and digital transformation.

Executive Leadership Forum

May 8th, 2017 3:00 PM- 5:30 PM EDT,
Guidewell Innovation Center
6555 Sanger Rd
Orlando, FL 32827


Past Executive Leadership Forums

Enhance your participation at the AHIP CX & Digital Health Forum.

HCEG is excited to invite you to join us for the Executive Leadership Forum, an exclusive, pre-conference event co-hosted by Change Healthcare and the AHIP Innovation Lab on Monday, December 5th from 12:00pm-4:30pm CT.

The goal of this pre-conference event is to increase the value of your attendance to the AHIP Customer Experience and Digital Health Forum. By arriving one day early you will have the opportunity to participate in a fast-moving, four-hour session bringing together leaders in healthcare to explore emerging and high-priority opportunities at the intersection of digital health, value-based care, and consumer engagement.

6 Good Reasons for Attending this Pre-Forum Event

    1. Experience the AHIP Innovation Lab and insights gained from its first 18 months of operations
    2. Evaluate early results (pre-release) of the HCEG/CHC Industry Pulse annual survey
    3. Gain advanced access into insights garnered from HCEG’s Top 10 issues
    4. Drill into a small number of very current but critical healthcare trends
    5. Collaborate with peer executives and industry thought leaders in an intimate forum
    6. Explore high-priority challenges and opportunities to innovate as the industry landscape evolves


Critical Topics Discussed at the AHIP Innovation Lab

  • Value-Based Relationships and Reimbursements
  • Harnessing Mobile/Digital Health Technology
  • Clinical and Quality Data Analytics
  • Total Consumer Health and Engagement
  • Accessible Points of Care
  • Cost and Quality Transparency

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Members of HCEG and participants in the Executive Leadership Forum are welcome to also attend the AHIP Consumer Experience + Digital Health Forum, December 6th -8th, with a significantly discounted HCEG Member Discount Rate.  To take advantage of this exclusive offer, register via the following link, using discount code: CHANGE16

The AHIP Innovation Lab is a ten-minute cab ride from the the AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum being held at the Swissotel Chicago.

Executive Leadership Forum

December 5th, 2016 12 PM-4PM CST, CHICAGO, IL

“This event is Open only to health plans and provider members”

AHIP Consumer Experience
& Digital Health Forum

December 06 – 08, 2016 Chicago, IL