Announcing Individual Membership in HealthCare Executive Group

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The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) is a professional association chartered to convene and support executive leaders of health plans, health systems, and provider organizations. Since the HealthCare Executive Group’s inception over 30 years ago, HCEG has offered membership to organizations providing direct insurance benefits and/or direct health services to groups or individuals, either as stand-alone entities or as subsidiaries under a commercial entity. Anoffid starting today, we’re announcing two new individual membership options for healthcare executives and leaders: Individual Membership and Alumni Membership. HCEG is retaining the existing Organizational Membership option for healthcare organizations preferring that option.

New Membership Options in HealthCare Executive Group

These two new membership options provide a pathway for more people to become part of the HealthCare Executive Group on a cost-efficient basis.

Individual Membership

Alumni Membership

Candidates are executives from Payer/Provider Membership eligible organizations.Past HCEG members who are unaffiliated with vendor organizations. Vendors provide products and services to HCEG member candidate organizations to better serve individuals.

For a very reasonable investment, healthcare executives and others leading the transformation of the healthcare industry can obtain benefits that can provide outsized returns on that small investment – only $99 dollars for a limited time!

Why Healthcare Leaders Should Join the HealthCare Executive Group

Individual Membership and Alumni Membership offer a variety of benefits all year round: Professional Networking & Relationships, In-Person/Live Events, Professional Development Opportunities, Resources, Research & News, and discounts to popular healthcare conferences.

Throughout the year, members can leverage HCEG’s platform, content, events, professional development, and networking opportunities to help them optimize their time, stay up to date on industry issues, enhance leadership skills, and obtain valuable resources to share with their staff and help transform their healthcare organization.

Professional Networking & Relationships for Healthcare Executives2018 HealthCare Executive Group Annual Forum. 30th-anniversary. Hewing Hotel Minneapolis, MN. Healthcare Industry Executive Leaders

Our members have unparalleled, year-round networking opportunities centered upon a calendar of events and content identified and defined by HCEG members and updated throughout the year via input and research from members and sponsor partners. Our mission and focus are to provide the platform, channels, content and on-going support for convening and connecting our members with their peers, industry thought leaders, and other resources critical to the transformation of the healthcare industry.

In-Person/Live Events for Healthcare Leaders Transforming Healthcare

HCEG offers its members various opportunities to connect with peers and other industry leaders in live, face-to-face venues throughout the year. These events are typically free to HCEG members or are discounted based on HCEG membership.

Executive Leadership Roundtables

Our quarterly Executive Leadership Roundtables (ELR) are bundled with popular healthcare conferences like the AHIP Institute and HLTH Forum. These ELR’s are intimate, participatory opportunities to learn from prominent industry thought-leaders, share ideas and obtain advice and real-world experience from others.HCEG: HealthCare Executive Group. Membership for leadership. Digital health transformation.

HCEG Annual Forum

As an Individual Member or Alumni Member, you’ll receive discounted registration to our Annual Forum held in September of each year. Our Annual Forum is our marquee event and includes not only prominent keynote speakers but also unique extracurricular networking opportunities. Check out this recap of the 2018 Annual Forum celebrating HCEG’s 30-Year Anniversary.

Individual & Alumni Member Discount to 2019 Annual Forum

After registering as an Individual Member or an Alumni Member and paying the membership fee, new members receive a discount code (via pop-up window and email) to HCEG’s 2019 Annual Forum. This code can be used immediately or at a future date.

Also, and you’re hearing this for the first time here, HCEG members attending our 2019 Annual Forum in Boston, MA on September 9th through 11th will enjoy a very unique, uncommon extracurricular networking event. For more information on what this event includes, contact us.

HCEG: HealthCare Executive Group. Membership for leadership. Digital health transformation. Annual Forum. HIMSS, AHIP, WHCC, MGMA, CHIME, WEDI, HLTH

Partner Events

HCEG members are offered preferential, discounted access to leading healthcare gatherings like the World Health Care Congress, the Forum, WEDI Conferences, and other industry events. Just one of these discounts alone is worth more than the cost of HCEG’s individual membership.

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Thought-Leadership & Professional Development Opportunities for Healthcare Executives

In addition to quarterly ELR’s, our Annual Forum, and partner events, HCEG also offers our members various opportunities for participating in webinars, research surveys, blog posts, and other knowledge sharing channels.

Webinars & Online Discussion Group Opportunities for Healthcare Executives

In addition to attending HCEG’s monthly Webinar-Series events, HCEG members have the opportunity to help define webinars and serve as panelists.  In addition, HCEG hosts period online discussions and encourages member participation as an important way for members to demonstrate their thought leadership and grow their network.

Research Surveys for Healthcare Executives & Thought-Leaders

HCEG Top 10 List

Members participate in defining and ranking the HCEG Top 10 List of Challenges, Issues, & Opportunities during HCEG’s Annual Forum. HCEG members, staff and partners then expound on this list and it serves as the basis for content programming going forward.

Industry PulseHealthCare Executive Group. Top 10. HCEGTop10. Industry Pulse. Leaders. Trends in Healthcare Digital Transformation. Annual Forum, Executive Leadership Roundtables. ELR, Professional Networking & Relationships, In-Person, Live Events, Professional Development Opportunities for Healthcare Executives, and Resources, Research & News

The Industry Pulse research survey is based on the HCEG Top 10 and administered in a partnership between HCEG and sponsor partner Change Healthcare. The 9th Annual Industry Pulse was just released last week and promises to be a source of many reviews, discussion, and elaboration over the coming months and year.

Knowledge Creation, Content Sharing & Promotion for Healthcare Executives

Our members enjoy the opportunity to share information, insight, and ideas with each other and the industry at large via various HCEG channels including our blog, bi-weekly eNewsletter, and social channels. In addition, HCEG promotes certain member insight and content to amplify member content on best practices, new ideas, breaking news, and key advancements.

Become a HealthCare Executive Group Member Today

HCEG: HealthCare Executive Group. Membership for leadership. Digital health transformation.

As uncertainty continues its grip on healthcare in the United States and new digital technologies advance digital transformation opportunities, it’s more important than ever for healthcare leaders to stay abreast of important industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Value Well Beyond Conferences, Webinars, & Content

Individual membership in the HealthCare Executive Group is a very cost-effective way for healthcare leaders to reduce uncertainty, stay up to date on changes within their field, and help to transform their organizations.

Special Discount on HCEG Individual Membership

As an additional incentive to join HCEG as an individual, we’re offering a $50 discount off the regular $149 per year rate for a limited time.  Use KickoffPromo to expand your knowledge and grow your professional network for only $99! HCEG: HealthCare Executive Group. Membership for leadership. Digital health transformation.

How Total Consumer Health is Impacted by Technology and the Human Touch

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healthcare executive group hceg medica healthedge total consumer health MACRA MIPS APM social determinants of health“Total Consumer Health” means improving ones overall medical, social, financial, and environmental well-being and was identified by HCEG members as the second item on the 2017 HCEG Top 10 list of priorities, challenges and opportunities facing healthcare executives.

Leveraging Medical, Social and Other Data

As value-based care continues to impact the provision of key healthcare services, health plans and providers are seeing an urgent need for improved collaboration centering on the individual member. Total consumer health increasingly relies on innovative technology systems to incorporate data based on life issues and social determinants of health. Providers and care givers must assess, capture and integrate key information that goes beyond mere observation.

By leveraging a mix of actionable data insights and on-the-ground support, health plans are in position to integrate critical technology with a high touch and hyper local approach to care coordination. Total consumer health outcomes are improved when key social determinants are combined with important medical information.

Learn more on Wednesday, April 19th at 2:00pm EDT


Join Dr. Alan Spiro, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer at Medica, and Harry Merkin, Vice President of Marketing at HealthEdge to learn:value based care total consumer health social determinants of health

  • The appropriate balance between high and low tech options for care coordination
  • How to incorporate innovative tools and methods to address social determinants of health and other factors
  • Real-world examples of innovative collaborative arrangements that are making a positive impact on outcomes


Dr. Alan Spiro, MD, MBA – Chief Medical Officer, Medica

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Spiro has overall responsibility for the work of Medica’s Health Management segment. This includes working with Medica’s provider partners to develop new models of collaboration aimed at improving quality, patient experience and value. It also includes working with Health Management staff and leaders from other Medica segments to build on the work currently underway to improve the quality and cost of health care.  Follow Medica on Twitter.

Harry Merkin – Vice President, Marketing, HealthEdge

Harry Merkin is a senior marketing executive and is responsible for the company’s demand generation programs, strategic partnerships, product marketing and thought leadership initiatives. He also frequently represents HealthEdge as a speaker at industry conferences and events. Harry has collaborated with many transformative entities across the healthcare landscape including both payers and providers. Follow HealthEdge on Twitter.

Using Incentives to Drive Health Care Shopping Behavior – Recap, Recording & Research

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On Tuesday, December 13th, HCEG sponsor HealthSparq presented a webinar on “Using Incentives to Drive Healthcare Shopping Behaviors.” Over 100 individuals and companies registered for the webinar presented by John Surie of M Health and were presented with information from a study commissioned by HealthSparq to explore how how incentives can impact health care shopping behavior.  The graphic-laden presentation offered insight into information that could influence how incentives programs are rolled out by health plans, employers and health systems.

Healthcare Cost Quality Transparency Consumer Shopping Behaviors

Research Survey on Use of Incentives to Drive Healthcare Consumer Shopping Behaviors – M Health/HealthSparq

Some Survey Highlights Include

  • Examples of popular “incentives” include lower premiums, reduced co-pays, cash, gift cards, movie tickets, etc.
  • Cash incentives are most effective but smaller amounts are almost as effective as larger amounts
  • Providing an incentive of some sort has a marked increase (20+%) in encouraging the use of telehealth services
  • Incentives have a strong positive impact on encouraging the viewing of healthcare-related videos Increasing the amount of an incentive had strongest effect in driving choice of a surgical center
  • Cash incentives have a stronger influence on choice of lab & imaging than on choice of physician, which entails a more personal decision.
  • Heavy ‘users of incentives’ were not any more likely to achieve positive outcomes vs. light users
  • Strong correlation btw those who use ‘rewards programs’ outside of healthcare (airlines, grocery, etc.) and reward programs in healthcare

The Recording, The Research and More Insight from HealthSparq

In addition to making a recording of the webinar available here on YouTube, HealthSparq created a summary of the webinar via this blog post. Moreover, HealthSparq is willing to provide speaker John Surie’s complete research paper on the topic presented in the webinar. You can request that research paper here.

If you have any questions about using incentives to drive healthcare shopping behaviors or would like to obtain additional information , please reach out to HealthSparq at 855-SPARQ-IT (855-772-7748) or via their web site. You can also follow @HealthSparq on Twitter.

More for HCEG Members

For the 2017 membership year, HCEG has many additional opportunities for learning, sharing and networking with other healthcare industry executives, opinion leaders, and decision makers. If you’re not a HCEG member and would like more information on becoming a member, please see or contact Juliana Ruiz at [email protected].