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National Health IT Week Supported by HealthCare Executive Group

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This week of September 23 – 27, 2019 is National Health IT Week – a collaborative, partner-driven event started a few years ago by the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to promote the awareness and demonstrate the use of information technology in:

  • Advancing Public and Population Health
  • Modernizing the Public Health Infrastructure
  • Accelerating Workforce Development
  • Expanding Access to Broadband and Telehealth

The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) is pleased to partner with HIMSS in supporting healthcare champions and leaders this week – and throughout the year – as they commit to supporting healthy communities through the power of information and technology.

Supporting Information Exchange, Networking & Content Development

Like the mission of NHIT Week, for the past 30+ years ago the HealthCare Executive Group has engaged like-minded individuals and their companies to promote the exchange of information, ideas, opinions, and experiences among healthcare stakeholders. To help accomplish this, HCEG offers its members and the healthcare community at large, the following events, content and networking opportunities throughout the year:

Annual Forum

Our 31st Annual Forum was just held in Boston, MA on September 9-11, 2019. See information from the forum here and subscribe to our newsletter for more info including video interviews.

Executive Leadership Roundtables (ELR) at major healthcare events

Throughout the year, HCEG hosts ELR’s with approximately 50 to 75 participants. For the remainder of 2019, HCEG will host ELR’s at the 2019 HLTH Forum on 10/30 and the AHIP 2019 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in early December.

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Webinar Series Events

Also throughout the year, HCEG hosts Webinar Series Events. Upcoming webinars include:

“The Doctor Can’t See You Now: New Ways to Speed Up and Improve Provider On-Boarding” – Thurs, Oct 3rd at 11:00 am PT /2:00 pm ET

“We Can Stop Diseases, But Can We Stop The Fax?” – Thurs, October 17th at 11:00 am PT /2:00 pm ETNational Health IT Week. NHITWeek. HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG). Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Population Health. Public Health. Telehealth. Executive Leadership Roundtables (ELR). Webinar Series Events. HCEG Top 10 List. Industry Pulse.

Presenting Sessions at Major Healthcare Conferences

HCEG hosted a series of six sessions comprising the CIO & CTO Strategy track at this years 16th World Health Care Conference. And HCEG will be presenting a session at AHIP’s 2019 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum.

Original and Curated Content

HCEG leadership, members, sponsor partners, and other industry champions create and curate content via blog posts and social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn

HCEG Top 10 List

The annual HCEG Top 10 list of opportunities, challenges, and issues facing executives of health plans, health systems, and provider organizations in the United States serves as the framework for continuous and evolving dialog among HCEG members, associates and other healthcare champions throughout the year. It also serves as the basis for the Industry Pulse research survey. The formal release of the 2020 HCEG Top 10 list took place earlier this month at our 31st Annual Forum.

For more information on the 2020 HCEG Top 10, see this press release and look for more on the 2020 HCEG Top 10 and the upcoming Industry Pulse research survey.

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Help Spread the Word About National Health IT Week

Join the conversation on advancing the improvement of healthcare this NHIT Week and all year long. For more information, insight, ideas, and commentary about National Health IT Week, healthcare, healthcare information technology and the digital transformation of healthcare, consider following us on Twitter and LinkedIn – and subscribe to our eNewsletter. You can learn more about #NHITWeek and related events here

And consider becoming a member of the HealthCare Executive Group today. HCEG offers both company and individual memberships.  Learn more here.

HealthCare Executive Group Promotes National HealthIT Week All Year Long

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This second week of October is U.S. National HealthIT Week – a time for celebrating the essential role that health information technology plays in transforming health and healthcare in care in the United States. This week – and all year long – the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) actively focuses on the mission of National HealthIT Week:

To promote the exchange of information, ideas, opinions, and experiences among healthcare executives and senior leader to apply and transform innovation and technology in healthcare.

Our mission – established 30 years ago – clearly aligns with that of the U.S. National HealthIT Week. We’re pleased to partner with HIMSS in celebrating U.S. National HealthIT Week during our 30th Anniversary!

How HCEG Helps Transform Healthcare in the United States

The primary ways in which HCEG advances its mission is via our Annual Forum, our HCEG Top 10 list, the Industry Pulse research survey based on the HCEG Top 10, periodic Executive Leadership Roundtables (ELR), webinars and content – original and curated – from our members, sponsor partners, and industry thought leaders.

The HCEG Annual Forum

Last month, our 2018 Annual Forum celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the HealthCare Executive Group. Nationally-recognized healthcare thought leaders such as Andy Slavitt, former Acting CMS Administrator and current leader of Town Hall Ventures, Dr. David J Shulkin, MD, former Secretary of the Veterans Administration and current Chief Innovation Officer of Sanford Health, and Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow, NY Times bestselling author and principal at the Blue Zones Project were several of the healthcare leaders sharing their insight and ideas.

For a recap of our Annual Forum including session materials, pictures and participants, see Recapping HealthCare Executive Group 30th Annual Forum.

Note: The 2019 HCEG Annual Forum will be held in Boston, MA in September. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive additional information on this event and other content of possible interest to healthcare leaders

The 2019 HCEG Top 10 List

HCEG makes a unique contribution to the healthcare industry via the HCEG Top 10 list. Now in its 10th year, the 2019 HCEG Top 10 list identifies the challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare executives and healthcare industry leaders.  You can learn more about the 2019 HCEG Top 10 and hear what industry media and healthcare thought leaders have to say about specific items on the HCEG Top 10 list here.

The Industry Pulse Research Survey – Launched During NHITWeek

In addition to guiding HCEG’s overall thought-leadership, content development, and knowledge exchange initiatives throughout the year, the 2019 HCEG Top 10 list serve as the basis for The Industry Pulse, a research survey co-sponsored by HCEG and our sponsor partner Change Healthcare. You can learn more about The Industry Pulse here including results of the 2018 Industry Pulse.Industry Pulse Survey. Healthcare Trends. HCEG. Healthcare Executive Group

As part of NHITWeek, HCEG and sponsor partner Change Healthcare are pleased to announce the opening of the 2019 Industry Pulse Research Survey. We urge all healthcare executives, thought leaders and others involved in transforming health and healthcare in care in the United States to complete this survey. Responses are strictly confidential and used for research purposes only. We don’t share information with third parties and individuals completing the survey receive a copy of the results if desired.

Executive Leadership Roundtables

HLTH.CO: HCEG Members Remain After ELR to Continue Discussion

Convening healthcare executives and thought leaders for meaningful discussion and interaction is a key part of HCEG’s mission. Our roundtables support opportunity for intimate discussion and sharing of insight and ideas. Scheduling these roundtables in conjunction with major healthcare industry events maximizes attendee value and minimizes overhead.

So far in 2018, we’ve hosted the following roundtables with another event scheduled for this coming December:

  • 2018 HLTH.CO Future of Healthcare Forum – May 9, 2018 – Las Vegas, NV
  • 2018 Blue Zones of Happiness – September 14, 2018 – Minneapolis, MN

Next Executive Roundtable at AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum

HCEG Healthcare Executive Group NHITWeek HealthIT Healthtech

Join Healthcare Leaders This December in Nashville

Our next roundtable event is planned for Thursday, December 13th, 2018 at 1:30 pm CT – the final day of the 2018 AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Forum in Nashville, TN. In keeping with AHIP’s customer experience and digital health theme, HCEG will convene a panel of thought leaders in an open discussion on two of our 2019 HCEG Top 10 issues:

  • #2 – Total Consumer Health
  • #5 – The Digital Healthcare Organization

This ELR builds upon insight shared during the forum with discussion centered on the integration of consumer health and digital healthcare organizations. We’ll focus on the commonalities and differences of these two closely ranked items. And participants will all have an opportunity to interact with panelists.

This ELR is open to all AHIP attendees free of charge and lunch is served. Registration for the event will open next week and subscribers to our eNewsletter will be kept informed.

HCEG Webinar Series Events & Special Presentations

Additionally, HCEG members and sponsor partners also host live webinar events every other month. Information on previously hosted webinars – most including full recordings and presentation materials – can be found here.

Special Presentations & Networking Opportunities

Our members advance HCEG’s mission by attending and presenting at healthcare conferences and other gatherings throughout the year. They share information on HCEG’s Top 10, The Industry Pulse and other insight of value to those transforming healthcare. A sample of these include:

  • AAPAN Innovations Forum – January 2018
  • Health Plan Alliance – February 2018
  • HIMSS Conference & Expo – March 2018
  • UnitedAg Annual Meeting & Conference – March 2018
  • WEDI Annual Spring Conference – May 2018
  • AHIP Institute & Expo – June 2018

Original and Curated Content

In addition to in-person forums, live webinars and special presentations, our board leaders, members, and sponsor partners also share a variety of original and curated healthcare business, technology and healthcare-related content on a regular basis. Our website, blog, white papers and our social channels LinkedIn and Twitter provide the means for these healthcare thought leadership opportunities.

Learn, Share, Network & Make Your Voice Heard – National HealthIT Week

HCEG is part of transforming healthcare not only during National HealthIT Week but throughout the year. We’re thankful for our members, sponsor partners and those promoting the exchange of information, ideas, opinions, and experiences among healthcare executives, thought leaders and everyone else in the healthcare industry.

To receive insight, ideas and additional information on all our past and future events, webinars and other content of use for healthcare decision makers and those charged with transforming health and healthcare in the United States, please subscribe to our eNewsletter. Better yet, consider becoming a member of the HealthCare Executive Group today.