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National Health IT Week Supported by HealthCare Executive Group

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This week of September 23 – 27, 2019 is National Health IT Week – a collaborative, partner-driven event started a few years ago by the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to promote the awareness and demonstrate the use of information technology in:

  • Advancing Public and Population Health
  • Modernizing the Public Health Infrastructure
  • Accelerating Workforce Development
  • Expanding Access to Broadband and Telehealth

The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) is pleased to partner with HIMSS in supporting healthcare champions and leaders this week – and throughout the year – as they commit to supporting healthy communities through the power of information and technology.

Supporting Information Exchange, Networking & Content Development

Like the mission of NHIT Week, for the past 30+ years ago the HealthCare Executive Group has engaged like-minded individuals and their companies to promote the exchange of information, ideas, opinions, and experiences among healthcare stakeholders. To help accomplish this, HCEG offers its members and the healthcare community at large, the following events, content and networking opportunities throughout the year:

Annual Forum

Our 31st Annual Forum was just held in Boston, MA on September 9-11, 2019. See information from the forum here and subscribe to our newsletter for more info including video interviews.

Executive Leadership Roundtables (ELR) at major healthcare events

Throughout the year, HCEG hosts ELR’s with approximately 50 to 75 participants. For the remainder of 2019, HCEG will host ELR’s at the 2019 HLTH Forum on 10/30 and the AHIP 2019 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in early December.

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Webinar Series Events

Also throughout the year, HCEG hosts Webinar Series Events. Upcoming webinars include:

“The Doctor Can’t See You Now: New Ways to Speed Up and Improve Provider On-Boarding” – Thurs, Oct 3rd at 11:00 am PT /2:00 pm ET

“We Can Stop Diseases, But Can We Stop The Fax?” – Thurs, October 17th at 11:00 am PT /2:00 pm ETNational Health IT Week. NHITWeek. HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG). Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Population Health. Public Health. Telehealth. Executive Leadership Roundtables (ELR). Webinar Series Events. HCEG Top 10 List. Industry Pulse.

Presenting Sessions at Major Healthcare Conferences

HCEG hosted a series of six sessions comprising the CIO & CTO Strategy track at this years 16th World Health Care Conference. And HCEG will be presenting a session at AHIP’s 2019 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum.

Original and Curated Content

HCEG leadership, members, sponsor partners, and other industry champions create and curate content via blog posts and social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn

HCEG Top 10 List

The annual HCEG Top 10 list of opportunities, challenges, and issues facing executives of health plans, health systems, and provider organizations in the United States serves as the framework for continuous and evolving dialog among HCEG members, associates and other healthcare champions throughout the year. It also serves as the basis for the Industry Pulse research survey. The formal release of the 2020 HCEG Top 10 list took place earlier this month at our 31st Annual Forum.

For more information on the 2020 HCEG Top 10, see this press release and look for more on the 2020 HCEG Top 10 and the upcoming Industry Pulse research survey.

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Help Spread the Word About National Health IT Week

Join the conversation on advancing the improvement of healthcare this NHIT Week and all year long. For more information, insight, ideas, and commentary about National Health IT Week, healthcare, healthcare information technology and the digital transformation of healthcare, consider following us on Twitter and LinkedIn – and subscribe to our eNewsletter. You can learn more about #NHITWeek and related events here

And consider becoming a member of the HealthCare Executive Group today. HCEG offers both company and individual memberships.  Learn more here.

2018 HCEG Annual Forum

Networking, Collaboration, And Learning Opportunities for Healthcare Executives

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Ongoing uncertainty, the need to digitally transform operations, and external disruption are three of many challenges, issues, and opportunities facing today’s healthcare leaders. So how can healthcare executives find the information, collaboration, and networking opportunities, both in-person and virtual, to stay on top of things? Indeed, professional associations, many healthcare conferences and digital channels such as LinkedIn, newsletters, blog posts, and Twitter can be an effective way for healthcare leadership to quickly and cost-effectively advance their initiatives and programs.

The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) has existed over 30 years to help those championing the transformation of healthcare better understand the challenges, issues, and opportunities facing they face and to facilitate connections with others facing similar concerns. This post shares insight from a long-term member of the HealthCare Executive Group on how HCEG has differentiated itself from the noise, vendor sales pressure and overbearing crowds so common in today’s conferences and digital channels.

How the HealthCare Executive Group Supports Healthcare Champions

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your association with the HealthCare Executive Group?Eric Decker, CIO, Independent Health

I am Eric Decker, Chief Information Officer at Independent Health, a regional payer headquartered outside of Buffalo, NY.  I have been a member of HCEG since 2015 and became a board member of HCEG in 2018.

Why did you join the HealthCare Executive Group?

I was promoted to CIO in early 2015, and being a ‘first-time’ CIO, I was looking for associations where I could meet and network with other healthcare executives at organizations similar to Independent Health. HCEG had been recommended to me by another CIO, and I was really happy with the networking opportunities and content provided at their annual forum.

What do you think makes the HealthCare Executive Group different than other healthcare associations and leadership organizations like HIMSS, CHIME, FACHE, etc?

The relatively small setting of the annual forum distinguishes HCEG from larger associations’ events.  There is only one concurrent track, and the break times allow me to reconnect with peers who I had met at previous forum events, as well as make new connections.

How does HCEG solicit input from its members as to what content, events, and services they’d like HCEG to provide to them?

Well, HCEG’s annual Top 10 list of challenges, issues, and opportunities is certainly the prime example of how it solicits specific information from its members. Not too many organizations drive all of their event planning and content development based on the sole input of its members.

What unique networking opportunities and experiences does the HealthCare Executive Group offer?

HCEG offers more than the usual networking mixers. The extracurricular activities at the Annual Forum and the Executive Leadership Roundtables are very conducive to getting to know other healthcare professionals in a relaxed environment. Too many times the crowds, noise and commercial distractions get in the way of truly forming a meaningful relationship that lasts beyond the networking event itself.

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What about the HealthCare Executive Group makes it different than other associations and organizations supporting healthcare leaders?

HCEG’s Annual Forum and Executive Leadership Roundtable events are a ‘safe space’ for healthcare executives to learn, discuss and inform – free from the distractions of large events and without vendors pushing sales pitches. I’m better able to gain perspective on challenges, issues, and potential opportunities.

HCEG events are very informal yet supportive. The friendliness and flexibility of their event and administrative staff was impressive. HCEG helps its members forge meaningful relationships that last long after any single event ends. Industry media that may share comments out of context are not allowed.

Nowadays, there are lots of ways to stay connected and communicate with peers and other business associates. How does HCEG support member connections and information exchange?

A single conference event over two or three days once or twice a year is not enough to keep up with challenges, issues, and opportunities in today’s fast-paced, uncertain healthcare environment.

HCEG provides a nice mix of in-person, physical gatherings throughout the year and also well-coordinated of virtual, digital channels to help stay informed and connected. And offers its members events, opportunities and support to share and acquire information and expertise outside of a single, transactional event.

HCEG’s develops its yearly Top 10 list during their Annual Forum. What can you share about the Annual Forum and the HCEG Top 10 list?

HCEG’s Annual Forum reinforced the information that I know and filled in some of the blanks I was not completely aware of. It has a good mix of sessions that presented a variety of perspectives. I was somewhat surprised by the candor and willingness to the panelists to engage with the audience.

The HCEG Top 10 provides a good overview of what’s happening in the industry. It helped me get a sense of what others are thinking and helped validate – and invalidate – some of my thoughts and assumptions.

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Meet Eric and Other Healthcare Champions at HCEG’s 31st Annual Forum

The 31st Annual Forum of the HealthCare Executive Group takes place September 9th – 11th in Boston. Come join Eric Decker and other champions focusing on the healthcare and digital innovation necessary to transform the healthcare system in the United States. Interact with your healthcare peers, learn more about how others are addressing similar challenges, issues, and opportunities, and create new relationships to advance your company-focused and personal missions.Healthcare Innovation and Disruption, HealthCare Executive Group, HCEG, 16th Annual World Health Care Congress (WHCC), CIO & CTO Strategy Track, innovation, disruption. healthcare champions, Data Analytics, Pharmacy Costs and Transparency, Importance of Useable Technology, Cybersecurity, HCEG Top 10, Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), International Association of Innovation Professionals,

Announcing Individual Membership in HealthCare Executive Group

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The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) is a professional association chartered to convene and support executive leaders of health plans, health systems, and provider organizations. Since the HealthCare Executive Group’s inception over 30 years ago, HCEG has offered membership to organizations providing direct insurance benefits and/or direct health services to groups or individuals, either as stand-alone entities or as subsidiaries under a commercial entity. Anoffid starting today, we’re announcing two new individual membership options for healthcare executives and leaders: Individual Membership and Alumni Membership. HCEG is retaining the existing Organizational Membership option for healthcare organizations preferring that option.

New Membership Options in HealthCare Executive Group

These two new membership options provide a pathway for more people to become part of the HealthCare Executive Group on a cost-efficient basis.

Individual Membership

Alumni Membership

Candidates are executives from Payer/Provider Membership eligible organizations.Past HCEG members who are unaffiliated with vendor organizations. Vendors provide products and services to HCEG member candidate organizations to better serve individuals.

For a very reasonable investment, healthcare executives and others leading the transformation of the healthcare industry can obtain benefits that can provide outsized returns on that small investment – only $99 dollars for a limited time!

Why Healthcare Leaders Should Join the HealthCare Executive Group

Individual Membership and Alumni Membership offer a variety of benefits all year round: Professional Networking & Relationships, In-Person/Live Events, Professional Development Opportunities, Resources, Research & News, and discounts to popular healthcare conferences.

Throughout the year, members can leverage HCEG’s platform, content, events, professional development, and networking opportunities to help them optimize their time, stay up to date on industry issues, enhance leadership skills, and obtain valuable resources to share with their staff and help transform their healthcare organization.

Professional Networking & Relationships for Healthcare Executives2018 HealthCare Executive Group Annual Forum. 30th-anniversary. Hewing Hotel Minneapolis, MN. Healthcare Industry Executive Leaders

Our members have unparalleled, year-round networking opportunities centered upon a calendar of events and content identified and defined by HCEG members and updated throughout the year via input and research from members and sponsor partners. Our mission and focus are to provide the platform, channels, content and on-going support for convening and connecting our members with their peers, industry thought leaders, and other resources critical to the transformation of the healthcare industry.

In-Person/Live Events for Healthcare Leaders Transforming Healthcare

HCEG offers its members various opportunities to connect with peers and other industry leaders in live, face-to-face venues throughout the year. These events are typically free to HCEG members or are discounted based on HCEG membership.

Executive Leadership Roundtables

Our quarterly Executive Leadership Roundtables (ELR) are bundled with popular healthcare conferences like the AHIP Institute and HLTH Forum. These ELR’s are intimate, participatory opportunities to learn from prominent industry thought-leaders, share ideas and obtain advice and real-world experience from others.HCEG: HealthCare Executive Group. Membership for leadership. Digital health transformation.

HCEG Annual Forum

As an Individual Member or Alumni Member, you’ll receive discounted registration to our Annual Forum held in September of each year. Our Annual Forum is our marquee event and includes not only prominent keynote speakers but also unique extracurricular networking opportunities. Check out this recap of the 2018 Annual Forum celebrating HCEG’s 30-Year Anniversary.

Individual & Alumni Member Discount to 2019 Annual Forum

After registering as an Individual Member or an Alumni Member and paying the membership fee, new members receive a discount code (via pop-up window and email) to HCEG’s 2019 Annual Forum. This code can be used immediately or at a future date.

Also, and you’re hearing this for the first time here, HCEG members attending our 2019 Annual Forum in Boston, MA on September 9th through 11th will enjoy a very unique, uncommon extracurricular networking event. For more information on what this event includes, contact us.

HCEG: HealthCare Executive Group. Membership for leadership. Digital health transformation. Annual Forum. HIMSS, AHIP, WHCC, MGMA, CHIME, WEDI, HLTH

Partner Events

HCEG members are offered preferential, discounted access to leading healthcare gatherings like the World Health Care Congress, the Forum, WEDI Conferences, and other industry events. Just one of these discounts alone is worth more than the cost of HCEG’s individual membership.

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Thought-Leadership & Professional Development Opportunities for Healthcare Executives

In addition to quarterly ELR’s, our Annual Forum, and partner events, HCEG also offers our members various opportunities for participating in webinars, research surveys, blog posts, and other knowledge sharing channels.

Webinars & Online Discussion Group Opportunities for Healthcare Executives

In addition to attending HCEG’s monthly Webinar-Series events, HCEG members have the opportunity to help define webinars and serve as panelists.  In addition, HCEG hosts period online discussions and encourages member participation as an important way for members to demonstrate their thought leadership and grow their network.

Research Surveys for Healthcare Executives & Thought-Leaders

HCEG Top 10 List

Members participate in defining and ranking the HCEG Top 10 List of Challenges, Issues, & Opportunities during HCEG’s Annual Forum. HCEG members, staff and partners then expound on this list and it serves as the basis for content programming going forward.

Industry PulseHealthCare Executive Group. Top 10. HCEGTop10. Industry Pulse. Leaders. Trends in Healthcare Digital Transformation. Annual Forum, Executive Leadership Roundtables. ELR, Professional Networking & Relationships, In-Person, Live Events, Professional Development Opportunities for Healthcare Executives, and Resources, Research & News

The Industry Pulse research survey is based on the HCEG Top 10 and administered in a partnership between HCEG and sponsor partner Change Healthcare. The 9th Annual Industry Pulse was just released last week and promises to be a source of many reviews, discussion, and elaboration over the coming months and year.

Knowledge Creation, Content Sharing & Promotion for Healthcare Executives

Our members enjoy the opportunity to share information, insight, and ideas with each other and the industry at large via various HCEG channels including our blog, bi-weekly eNewsletter, and social channels. In addition, HCEG promotes certain member insight and content to amplify member content on best practices, new ideas, breaking news, and key advancements.

Become a HealthCare Executive Group Member Today

HCEG: HealthCare Executive Group. Membership for leadership. Digital health transformation.

As uncertainty continues its grip on healthcare in the United States and new digital technologies advance digital transformation opportunities, it’s more important than ever for healthcare leaders to stay abreast of important industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Value Well Beyond Conferences, Webinars, & Content

Individual membership in the HealthCare Executive Group is a very cost-effective way for healthcare leaders to reduce uncertainty, stay up to date on changes within their field, and help to transform their organizations.

Special Discount on HCEG Individual Membership

As an additional incentive to join HCEG as an individual, we’re offering a $50 discount off the regular $149 per year rate for a limited time.  Use KickoffPromo to expand your knowledge and grow your professional network for only $99! HCEG: HealthCare Executive Group. Membership for leadership. Digital health transformation.

HCEG HealthCare Executive Group programs, partnerships, and networking opportunities for our members, associates and sponsor partners in 2019 and beyond.

What’s In Store for HealthCare Executive Group Members in 2019?

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The challenges, issues, and opportunities facing the United States healthcare industry change and grow every day. As part of our ongoing mission to support and serve healthcare executives and industry leadership, the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG) is pleased to share some information on some of the programs, partnerships, and networking opportunities we have planned for our members, associates and sponsor partners in 2019 and beyond.

New Membership Model to Grow & Strengthen the HealthCare Executive Group

HCEG leadership have been working on evolving HCEG’s membership model to bring more value to the healthcare executives, decision makers, influencers and thought leaders who’ve made up HCEG’s membership for the past 30 years. Offering greater value to a wider range of individuals and companies in the most cost-effective way possible is our goal and our new model will be announced within the next several weeks. As with everything we do, we’ll be focusing on sharing information and supporting networking opportunities based on the HCEG Top 10 list.

Partnering with Other Healthcare Industry Conveners

Historically, HCEG has leveraged partnerships with complimentary associations and event organizers serving the needs of healthcare industry leaders. For instance, in previous years we’ve American Association of Payers, Administrators & Networks (AAPAN) America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) Frost & Sullivan (F&S) HLTH Future of Healthcare Forum (HLTH) Health Plan Alliance (HPA) International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) UnitedAg (UnitedAg) Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) World HealthCare Congress (WHCC)provided speakers, panelists, content, promotional and other support to the following organizations – and will be doing the same in 2019:

  • American Association of Payers, Administrators & Networks (AAPAN)
  • America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
  • Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)
  • Frost & Sullivan (F&S)
  • HLTH Future of Healthcare Forum (HLTH)
  • Health Plan Alliance (HPA)
  • International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP)
  • UnitedAg (UnitedAg)
  • Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI)
  • World HealthCare Congress (WHCC)

In 2019 and beyond, we’re working on expanding these existing – and new – partnerships to leverage and promote the mission, goals, strengths, and membership of our unique – yet complimentary – organizations.

More Intimate, Focused, Regional Events for Healthcare Executives

Beyond the Annual Forum and the Executive Leadership Roundtable (ELR) events we host throughout the year, HCEG is exploring opportunities to partner with some national and regional healthcare associations and member-based organizations to host s additional, informal information sharing and networking events.

It’s clear that leveraging a venue attended by healthcare executives and providing a supportive environment for those individuals to meet with each other and share information is a valued service.

9th Annual Industry Pulse survey. 2019 HCEG Top 10 List. Top challenges, issues and opportunities facing healthcare leadership.Results of the 2019 Industry Pulse Research Survey

The results of the 9th Annual Industry Pulse survey will be released in the next month or so. This important industry survey is based on the 2019 HCEG Top 10 List and offers a deeper dive into the top challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare leadership. Here’s last year’s Industry Pulse report.

To be sure to receive the results of this survey and to keep abreast of industry insight and best practices, become a subscriber to our eNewsletter.

More Collaborative, Curated & Co-authored Content

For 2019, we’re actively identifying members, industry advisors, and sponsor partners who we feel have valuable knowledge, ideas and opinions to share via our webinars, blog posts, and other distribution channels. We’re also exploring the use of both live and pre-recorded audio and video as a means to provide an enriched approach for sharing on the 2019 HCEG Top 10 challenges, issues, and opportunities.

If you’re interested in learning more about contributing your thought leadership, or if you just have an idea for something you think may be of particular value and interest to healthcare leaders, please reach out to us here.

A Unique Event and Exclusive Group for Healthcare Executives

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Our 2017 Annual Forum came to a close at noon this past Wednesday. Over 110 healthcare executives, nationally known healthcare speakers and industry thought leaders gathered in Nashville, TN – Music City and the Healthcare Capital of the United States – to share their insight, ideas and concerns about healthcare reform and digital transformation during these rapidly evolving, uncertain times in healthcare.

The 29th Annual Forum featured three keynote speakers, nine sessions covering the latest topics of interest to executives leading health plans and health systems and three nighttime events structured to support networking between forum participants. All in all, the two and half days of our 2017 Annual Forum added up to one incredible opportunity for those leading the digital transformation of healthcare reform in the United States to come together on an intimate basis , to share and learn with each other collaboratively.

The 2018 HCEG Top 10 List

As has taken place during each of the last seven HCEG Annual Forum events, participants selected and voted on the Top 10 Opportunities, Challenges and Issues facing health plan and health system executives over the coming months and year. This new 2018 HCEG Top 10 list will drive the focus of Executive Leadership Round Tables, webinars, content development and other collaborative opportunities throughout the remainder of 2017 and the coming new year.

What We’ll Be Sharing From Our 2017 Annual Forum

Over the next few weeks, insight, ideas, opinions and concerns generated during the forum will be shared with members and the public at large. We’ll recap forum speaker and participant insight and opinion into how healthcare in the United States will be impacted by healthcare policy reform, digital transformation initiatives and both national and state-level actions. Readers of this blog, our friends on social media, attendees of our webinars and round tables and subscribers to our newsletter can look forward to how speakers, panelists and participants at our 2017 Annual Forum shared insight on the following:

  • How Clinical and Data Analytics leverage clinical evidence to segment populations, manage health and drive decisions
  • How the emergence of Population Health Services Organizations are operationalizing population health strategy, chronic care management, driving clinical integration, and integrating social determinants of health
  • How Value-Based Payments are being used to target specific medical conditions to manage cost and quality of care
  • How Cost Transparency is inevitable due to growing legislation and consumer demand
  • And more certain topics that can help healthcare leaders address transformation during these uncertain healthcare times

How We’ll Share

The Healthcare Executive Group will share the following via its web site, blog, social channels – including Twitter, LinkedIn an Facebook, and via other channels including member LinkedIn accounts, sponsor partner media and healthcare industry media. Look for the following:

  • Quotes from Keynote Speakers & Panelists
  • Session recaps including Presentation Materials
  • Thoughts from Forum Participants including social media shares
  • Audio Soundbites
  • Pictures and more

How to Stay Connected

To have this valuable information pushed to you, subscribe to our newsletter, follow the Healthcare Executive Group on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook; and consider becoming a member of our unique organization of Healthcare Executives. Learn more about the Healthcare Executive Group here.

Healthcare Executive Group’s 2017 Annual Forum – Just Right!

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The Annual Forum hosted by the Healthcare Executive Group (HCEG) is the Goldilocks of Healthcare Gatherings. It’s not too big like the HIMSS Conference and the AHIP Institute. It’s not too small and too narrowly focused like so many of the single topic, function-specific events taking place all over the United States on any given week of the year. HCEG’s Annual Forum is a well-crafted gathering covering an agenda presented by credible industry leaders to a manageable group of attendees in an intimate and comfortable setting. HCEG’s Annual Forum is Just Right.

The 2017 HCEG Annual Forum – It’s Just Right!

This year’s Annual Forum takes place in what’s arguably the Healthcare Capital of the United States: Nashville, TN! Healthcare executives and thought leaders representing health plans, health systems, provider organizations and physicians – along with a select set of healthcare vendors – will gather at the Thompson Hotel Nashville on September 18th through the 20th to participate in this Just Right event.

Here’s a sneak peek at the topics, speakers and valuable activities planned for the 2017 Annual Forum in Nashville. (*Sessions and Presenters Subject to Change)

Certain Topics in an Uncertain Healthcare Environment

Based on the HCEG Top 10 and recent survey’s completed by healthcare executives and others, HCEG board members have identified the following topics that will be addressed in various sessions during the forum:

  1. Value-Based Relationships leading to Payer/Provider Integration
  2. Payer Provider Operations – CMS Mandates & Provider Data Management Initiatives
  3. Specialty Networks and Risk Sharing at Scale
  4. Pharmacy Costs / PBM and Rx Transparency
  5. Precision Medicine and Behavioral Health Aspects of Substance Abuse/Opioids
  6. Leading Edge Technology / Disease Management / Population Health
  7. Technology Innovation and M&A Market Trends
  8. Total Consumer Health
  9. Harnessing Digital Health Technologies

Keynote Speakers

A number of well known AND well qualified individuals will be presenting at the Annual Forum and participating in various panels. While speaker arrangements are still be finalized, attendees can expect the following roles and industry focus to be represented:

  1. CEO of well known, nationwide health and wellness company
  2. Chief Marketing Officer of a Fortune 50 technology company
  3. Former executive director of national healthcare association
  4. Former leading official from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  5. CEO of large multi-state healthplan
  6. Chief Medical Officer of large BCBS licensee
  7. President of national health care intelligence and policy consultancy

Evening Receptions

Besides the wonderful breakfasts and lunches catered each day of the forum, and the plentiful snacks and drinks available each day of the forum, a few other special events – all fueled with great food, drink and conversation – are part of the Annual Forum.

  • Sunday Evening: Meet and Greet at The Thompson Hotel
  • Monday Evening: Offsite Sponsor/Partner Reception
  • Tuesday Evening: “Late Night Nashville” Party

Come Join Us in Nashville This September!

For more information on the 2017 Annual Forum including membership in the healthcare executive group and registering for the Annual Forum, see this page. We hope you’ll join us.

Healthcare Executive Leadership Forum at Guidewell Innovation Center